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How To Get Rid Of Pampas Grass

Pampas grass in one of the most common grasses used in landscaping. It is a type of ornamental grass that can really beautify a yard or garden. But even though it is quite pleasing to the eye and makes a nice decor, pampas grass can become invasive once planted. That is why many homeowners want to get rid of duplicate pampas grass in their yards.

Pampas grass look good for a few months but after it has grown; it will probably take over your lot if you do not control their growth. If you are having a problem with invasive pampas grass, you might find it really annoying to get rid of them. However challenging pampas grass removal may be, it is still possible to remove them from your lot. If you need to eliminate those invasive ornamental grasses, here are some tips that can help you get rid of pampas grass.

Hand-pull the pampas grass

For small, growing pampas grass, the best method is to hand-pull them from the soil. Pulling up grown pampas grass is not advisable because its body is sharp and can easily cut a person. The hand pull method can only be used for little pampas grasses.

Behead the pampas grass

To avoid further multiplication of pampas grass, you need to cut its top part or its head. This is actually the white area which, when blown by the wind, will probably send the grass multiplying because the head contains the seed. The best thing to do to stop more pampas grass from growing is to snip off the tips and seal them in a bag and have your local garbage truck pick it up.

Cut the grass

After you have snip off the top part of the pampas grass, then it is time to get rid of its body. The best thing to do is to tie one group of pampas grass and cut them with big gardening scissor or use a chainsaw. Always wear safety gear before cutting the pampas grass. Wear clothes with long sleeves, pants and protect your hands with thick gloves.

Dig up the roots

When you have gotten rid of the pampas tip and body, you can now work on the roots. You can dig the roots by using shovel or small gardening spoon. You can also use a backhoe or rake to pull up the roots from the ground.

If the pampas grass has heavily infiltrated your yard, then you can try burning them although this is quite dangerous to do. Simply pour some gasoline on the soil where the pampas roots are and light it with fire. When the roots have been burned, rake them and seal in a bag. Take note that you must be very careful when doing this method.

Apply herbicide

You can opt to apply herbicide on the soil to kill pampas grass. This is only practical if you do not have plants near your pampas grasses. Just go to the local gardening store and ask for the most environmental-friendly herbicide that you can use with pampas grass. Follow the instructions carefully for best results.

Contact a gardener

For some cash, you can always hire a gardener for his services. This is the best way to go if you do not have time to manage the pampas grass by yourself. Simply ask your local gardeners to help you out in getting rid of pampas grass.

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