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How To Get Rid Of Paper Cuts

Papers sometimes tend to cut as sharp as a knife. Because of simple accidents in your school, office or even in front of your study table, you might encounter paper cuts. Although paper cuts are generally just tiny cuts, they can give you a hard time because they hurt a lot. Sometimes, minor cuts like these can hurt even worse than a cut from a knife. In fact, paper cuts on sensitive areas of the skin, such as the point between two fingers or fingertips can sting longer than wounds that you get from a knife. So if you recently acquired a paper cut, you may want to treat it as soon as you can.

If you want for your paper cut to heal, you can treat the way you normally do with knife cuts. They are basically wounds as well and they can get infected if ignored. So when you cut yourself with a paper, you need to apply first aid on the wound to stop further infections. If you want to get rid of paper cuts, here are some simple treatment, remedies and tips to make paper cuts heal.

Clean the paper cut area

The first thing you need to do when you cut yourself with a paper is to wash the wound. Simply splash some warm water on the area and lather mild soap on your wounded skin. When you have cleaned in thoroughly, rinse the area and make sure that there is no more soap residue to avoid infection. After washing, lightly pat it dry with a clean cloth.

Apply antibiotics

When you have cleaned the cut, you need to apply antibiotics that will help fight away possible bacteria. Antibiotic medication is an essential part of a first aid kit so you probably have it in your home. Simply apply the antibiotic gel, cream or ointment on the paper cut and the wounded area to create a barrier against bacteria and infection.

Other natural alternatives

If you do not have any antibiotics at home, you can use other natural home remedies to cure them. Raw honey has a lot of antibacterial microorganisms that can protect your wound from further infection. Just apply raw honey around your paper cut area. Cayenne pepper or turmeric powders are two home remedies for paper cuts as well. Simply apply it on the cut area. Applying cayenne pepper or turmeric powder can be very painful but after just a few seconds, the stinging will subside. If you have tea bags at home, simply dip it in warm water and place it over the paper cut area. It will act as a soothing compress, eliminating the pain.

Use adhesive bandage

To keep the area covered and clean, you can apply adhesive bandage on the paper cut. This can also protect the wound from agitation. Remember to clean your wound about twice a day and replace the adhesive bandage that you use. If you see that the paper cut is starting to dry up, you can stop using adhesive bandage to let the wound breath.

Consult a doctor

Although paper cuts are just shallow, you should still treat it with care. Remember that minor cuts can get infected and grow into a major wound. If your paper cut seems to be getting irritated, you can consult a doctor to have it checked.

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