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How To Get Rid Of Paper Jams

The days of mechanical typewriters have long been over. Now, everyone can just simply use a computer to type and save their documents, plug a printer and the hard copy will be processed by the machine. However, even machine-operated printers have flaws too.

Have you experienced trying to print a very important file and suddenly that paper jam light started to blink? This is one of those situations where you just want to kick and throw your computer away. Paper jams can be really troublesome, especially if you are in a rush. Nevertheless, in spite of seeing that paper jam message on your computer screen, do not freak out just yet. Paper jam can be easily fixed and prevented. If you want to know how to get rid of paper jam, here are some tips for you.

Unplug the printer

When you meet paper jams, you will need to open and work inside your printer hardware. If you do not want to get electrified, you should turn off the printer and unplug it first before you experiment with its system.

Open the printer

Paper jams usually occur when paper sheets get crumpled and block each other. To get rid of the stuck paper, you need to open the printer doors. If you are unsure how to open your printer, you can always get its manual and follow the instruction.

Remove the ink cartridge

To be able to properly clear the paper jam, you might need to remove the ink cartridge. In some printer models, you need to remove the ink cartridge first in order to completely access the computer. If you do not know how to get the ink cartridge out, you can consult the manual again.

Pull the jammed papers

Once you see the jammed papers, you can now pull them out. If there is only one sheet stuck on the printer, just firmly hold each end of the sheet and slowly pull it out, following a slightly diagonal direction. In case the paper tears, you can rotate the roller. Just keep on rotating until you see the broken half of the paper and pull it out as well.

If there are many paper sheets jammed together, you can take out the loose papers first and continue remove the paper sheets until the printer is clear of paper jam.

Reassemble the printer

When you have finally cleared the paper jam, you can now put back the printer pieces together. Plug it back and connect it to the computer. Try printing a sample document and see if the printing process is smooth this time. If errors occur, try to inspect the insides of the printer once more and if there are no jammed paper than you can see, then the printer might be the one with the problem.

Bring to the technician

If you cannot remove the paper jam or if the printer turns out to be the one damaged, then you can bring your printer to the technician and have its process corrected.

Prevent paper jam

If you do not want to experience another paper jam, you must specify clearly the type and dimensions of the paper that you are using. Better yet, just insert one paper at a time. If you think this is quite a hassle, then you can place some sheets of paper on the printer, but be sure that when you print a document, you separate the top sheet from the others using your finger.

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