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How To Get Rid Of Paper Mites

Mites are pests that roam in households. There are different types of mites and one of the most common is the paper mites. From the name itself, a paper mite will usually infest areas with lots of papers such as old bookshelves, magazine storage or even your desk. The most irritating thing about paper mites is that it does not only damage your stuffs, they can also bug you.

Paper mites also like human blood. They will fly around unnoticed and give you little bites. These bites, though small, can cause itching and irritation. When you see the first sign of paper mite infestation, you should try to eradicate them right away to avoid a more serious pest situation. There are some easy steps that you can do in order to get rid of paper mites and to prevent them from coming back. Here are some tips and tricks you can follow.

Have a cleanup drive

Pests and bugs like paper mites hate clean areas. To remove those paper mites from your home, you should have an extensive clean up drive. Start from your ceiling down to the floor. Dust away and vacuum up every dirt in your house. Make sure every corner of your home is dirt-free. Throw away stuffs that you do not need anymore, especially old files and useless papers.

Cleaning your house is not enough. You should also clean out your yard. Try to sort out things that are lying around the area and put them in proper places. Also try to locate bird nests because mite infestation usually starts on bird nests.

Seal house crevices and cracks

In order to prevent more paper mites from visiting your home, you should seal all the possible entryways in your home. When you do this, not only will you be getting rid of paper mites, your house will also be kept away from other pests.

Spray pesticide around

To be guaranteed that your house will be paper mite-free, you can spray pesticide around your home. Spray your shelves and storage with pesticide and let it work for some minutes. Before you use pesticide around, be sure that you have given other family members the heads up to avoid danger. It might also be a great idea to use pesticide that contains the least chemicals. You can ask your local store clerk about this issue.

Get a bug bomb

Bug bombs work like insecticide and pesticide. They will emit gas which is poisonous to the paper mites, and even to humans. Before you use bug bombs, take the necessary precautions. Keep away the children and pests from the room. Close the windows and doors and let the bug bomb work for a few minutes. After some moments, open the windows and doors and use an electric fan to fan away the bug bomb chemicals.

Sweep off paper mites

After those paper mites has been knocked down by the pesticide you sprayed, simply sweep them off and place them in a plastic container. Leave the garbage away from your lot but keep them in sight of garbage trucks so that they can easily pick up these dead paper mites.

Call an exterminator

If you cannot handle paper mites, you can ask the help of professional exterminators. You can hire an exterminator for a price and they will do the job of killing those paper mites.

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