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How To Get Rid Of Paper Wasps

Many beneficial insects such as paper wasps are present in our environment. They usually eat other insects and pests that are less friendly than them. However, when paper wasps build a home in your lot, you cannot just watch as they feed on other bugs because, sometimes, even beneficial paper wasps can become great nuisance.

Paper wasps will build very thin honeycomb-shaped nests where their resources are located. Paper wasps are not really aggressive but they still have a wild side to them. Note that, female paper wasps can be responsible for stinging people. So if you see a paper wasp nest around, you might as well think about removing it to avoid any accident. If there are paper wasps that you want to shoo away, here are tips on how to get rid of paper wasps.

Plan your attack

You cannot just simply jump on a paper wasp nest and destroy them. Paper wasps may not be aggressive but they do defend their habitat when you attack them. So before you do something to kill those paper wasps, it is necessary to plan ahead. Close all the entry points in your home so that paper wasps will not swarm inside. Be sure that children and pets are safe inside your house. Gear up yourself as well so that you will not be hurt when female paper wasps try to sting you.

You can also plan to destroy the paper wasps during evening, when they are not active.

Use a high-pressure hose

The best way to shoo those paper wasps is to destroy their nest by using a powerful stream of water. Just stand a few meters away from the nest and spray it down with powerful, surging water from your hose. Since paper wasps nest have no shell, it can be easily destroyed by the water pressure and when the nest dislodges, the paper wasps will move away.

Light a fire

Smoke can shoo away paper wasps. Simply light a fire near or directly under the paper wasp nest and once those paper wasps realize what is happening, they will find a new place to rest at.

Use wasp sprays

Wasp sprays are readily available in the market. They are specially designed for getting rid of paper wasps. Wasp sprays have chemicals that are effective in killing paper wasps. Although this is not the friendliest method, wasp sprays work well in removing paper wasps. Simply purchase a wasp spray and follow the manual. If you are quite doubtful about what to do, you can ask the seller to evaluate how to use the wasp spray.

Dispose the paper wasps and their nest

When the paper wasps have left their home, you can destroy the remains of the nest by knocking it down with a broom or a wooden stick. Collect the dead remains of paper wasps and the nest. Place them in a plastic bag and throw away in a proper place.

Ask someone for help

Getting rid of paper wasps can be a bit tricky. If you cannot finish them off, you can ask someone for help. Usually, there are professionals who you can hire by paying some service charge. If you do not have the money to pay for them, you can ask a friend or neighbor to put down paper mite nests and its inhabitants.

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