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How To Get Rid Of Papules

Are there tiny red bumps growing on your face? Do they give you the similar feeling as pimples do? Well, these bumps are probably papules. Simply put, papules are somewhat like pimples that have no head. They form because of bacteria that clog your pores. Although some occurrences of papules are not really bothersome, there are instances when they become even worse than pimples.

Papules generally go away by themselves but if they get infected, these little red bumps can give you hell weeks. The bacteria will spread and form new papules until there there’s no space left for them to grow. But as nasty as it sounds, do not worry yet. Treating papules is quite easy. You can do some do-it-yourself remedies or have them removed by an expert. If you want to get rid of papules, here are some things you can do.

Wash your face regularly

If you leave your face unwashed, the dirt that has stuck to your skin will accumulate and your pores which may cause different skin infections such as papules. In order to avoid having these bumps that make you unattractive, you should maintain proper hygiene and this means washing your face regularly. After you have gone out to the busy streets, you should wash your face when you get home. Also, most bacteria attack when you sleep, so you should make it a habit to wash your face before you sleep. A mild facial wash and cleanser can remove the dirt on your face.

Change your facial products

Nowadays, facial products are everywhere, but not all of those commercially sold beauty and cosmetic items are good for your skin. Before you use or buy products that you will apply on your face, you should always consider what type of skin you have and which products suits you best. If you have recently bought a new item which your skin is not used to, you will have unpleasant skin reactions. When you see signs of pimples or papules forming on your face because of your newly bought products, change them right away.

Try using medications

Using creams or ointment for papules may make it faster for your papules to disappear. There are glycolic creams and ointments available over-the-counter. These products promote exfoliation and skin cell renewal. Once your dead or damaged skin cells have been replaced, those papule-forming bacteria will also go away.

Surgical removal

If you can afford to have a surgery, then you can also inquire about the different surgical removals for papules. Although undergoing modern removal processes for papules may be costly, they are highly effective. Some of the most common methods for removing papules using advanced technology are laser resurfacing and electro-cautery. Laser resurfacing has the same concept as liposuction. The parts of the skin with papules are removed through the use of heat. This method is also good because it does not leave any scars on your skin. Moreover, electro-cautery gets rid of papules by burning off the papules and damaged skin. This is also considered the safest among other surgical methods for papules.

Check up with your doctor

Usually, papules just grow up to a centimeter. If in case your papules are growing larger and they start to get inflamed, then you should set up an appointment with a doctor.

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