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How To Get Rid Of Part In Hair

Different hairstyles come and go. As seasons change, what’s in and what’s not also change. So having the same hairstyle for more than six months can actually make your far behind the hot trends. The funny thing is that jumping from a simple hairstyle to a complicated one is quite easy, but, changing your hair parting is another issue.

Most people do not pay attention to hair partings when they change from straight to curly, brunette to blonde. What you do not know is that by merely changing or removing hair partings, you can appear as if you have changed your hairstyle. But there are times when altering hair partings can get very hard. This is true especially if you have had the same parting for years and years. Nevertheless, you can still get rid of that unruly hair parting. Here are some simple tricks on how to change or get rid of part in hair.

Start with a shower

If you want to change your hair parting, what you need to do is to take a shower first, or at least, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Changing or removing the part in your hair will not work if your hair is dry.

Part your hair

If you do not want any hair parting at all, skip this step. After you have taken a shower, comb your hair and outline the right hair parting that you want. Having a different parting may give you the feeling like there is something weird on your hair but that is just normal when you alter the part in your hair.


If you do not want any hair parting at all, skip this step. When you have parted your hair in the way you want, get some hairpins and pin your hair in place. Your desired hair parting should be clearly visible once you have successfully pinned your hair. Pinning your hair with hairpins will help hold your hair so it does not get all puffy on one side.

Blow dry

Set yourself in the mirror with a hair blower and brush in your hands. With one hand, hold the blower while you constantly brush your hair from the hairline to the tips. Run the brush along directions of your desired hairstyle. Just keep on brushing from front to back until your hair has dried completely.

Add mousse, gel or hairspray

Using mousse, gel or hairspray on your hair will make it more manageable. Simply use any of these products to keep your hair fixed.

Run your fingers

For some time, you have to constantly run your fingers through your hair to keep it from falling down and showing your previous hair parting. Note that removing or changing the part in your hair is hard and that these methods will probably not work right away. You have to keep repeating the same process for days until your hair gets used to this new style.

Seek an expert’s advice

If your hair is just too hard to manage, then you can go to your hair salon and ask a hairstylist about how you can change or remove the part in your hair. You can also ask if there are some hair treatments that they can do for you. If they offer you some treatments that can help get rid of the part in your hair, then you can avail the offer if you have the money to pay for it.

  1. Abby R Said,

    My dad tried changing the part in his hair, and the results were absolutely amazing! His hair is thinning as he gets older, and with his old part, it was really obvious. My mom & I persuaded him to experiment with changing his part, and we soon found a style (parted a little to the side) that made his hair look dramatically better. In fact, he looks so much better with his new part that one of his coworkers wondered if he had had a hair transplant! The answer, of course, is “No, he didn’t–he just started parting his hair a different way.”

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