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How To Get Rid Of Parvo

The parvovirus or most commonly known as parvo is one type of virus that typically hits dogs. Parvo mainly attacks the immune system of a dog, making it susceptible for many illnesses. This virus is very life-threatening and once your dog acquires this virus, it will just start draining your pet’s life.

Signs and symptoms of parvo attack are loss of appetite, vomiting, dehydration, weight loss, diarrhea, fever and even permanent abnormalities. Although parvo is not very easy to treat, it is still curable and your dog can get back in shape with the proper treatments. Parvo has taken tolls in many dogs and their owners. So when you observe that your dog has shown possible signs of parvo and is acting quite strange, follow these steps on how to get rid of parvo.

Take it to the vet

If you think your pet dog has acquired parvo, then you should take it to the veterinarian right away. Parvovirus works as quickly as twenty four hours. It will make your dog suffer the moment it kicks in so in order to save your dog from dying, visit your local veterinarian and have your dog properly diagnosed.

If in case your dog is parvo positive, the vet will then give your dog the proper treatment. For mild parvo diseases, you can ask your vet for the medical prescriptions so you can do the treatment by yourself. Usually, this involves injecting anti-virus formula and giving your dog vitamins. If the condition of your dog is serious, it will need to stay with the vet for some time and undergo blood transfusion.

Clean up your house

Parvo virus can spread very fast so when you get home after the bad news, start to clean your house right away. The best killer for parvovirus is a bleach solution. Simply mix one part bleach for every nine parts of water. Trace the spots that your dog visited and mop the area with the solution. In order to be extra safe, you can mop the whole house.

Buy parvo killers

There are commercial parvocides that you can buy in the market. These parvocides are especially made to kill parvoviruses. The good thing is that they are handy and easy to use. You can simply spray it around the house and the parvo will be killed in an instant. Most veterinarians rely on parvocides for disinfecting after they have treated a dog with parvo. You can get parvocides in your local pet shop or ask your vet for one. If you cannot find any parvocide, just ask your vet for other alternative home treatments for parvo.

Replace your dog’s stuff

Parvoviruses are most likely to be found on your dog’s stuff. Isolated parvovirus is easy to kill but when they are in a big group, they will be very hard to remove. Although bleach and parvocides can kill and disinfect objects, it is not guaranteed that they will be able to kill all the viruses that might have attached themselves into your dog’s bed, ties, food trays and toys. If you can afford to buy new objects for your pet, then throw away your dog’s old furniture and replace it with new ones.

Prevent parvoviruses

After the parvo disturbance has subsided, you still need to be cautious. In order to prevent them from coming back, give your dog the proper nourishment, regularly clean your house and your pet’s stuffs and have the vet check him up at least once a month.

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