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How To Get Rid Of Pasta Bugs

Have you ever had that annoying, very troublesome pasta bugs experience? It happens when, after you have cooked the pasta sauce, you realize that your pasta has bugs all over it. When you encounter a happening like this, you might feel like torturing all those bugs for ruining your delicious pasta recipe, especially if you have special visitors waiting for you to satisfy their hunger.

Pasta bugs, also called as pastry bugs or weevils, can bring a great deal of trouble. They are those little, dark-colored creepy crawlers that are most likely to hang out on your kitchen cabinets, where all the starchy foods are stored. If not removed, pasta bugs will just multiply and contaminate your other foods. As much as possible, when you see one or two pasta bugs around, you need to control their infestation right away. Getting rid of pasta bugs is not really hard although it requires a bit of effort. If you want to know how to get rid of pasta bugs, you can read these simple tips.

Check your food storage

As soon as you find out that one pack of your pasta has pasta bugs and larvae, you need to check your food storage right away. Pasta bugs multiply easily and if you encounter one product with these critters, most probably, there are other products which have also been contaminated. What you must do is to open your kitchen cabinet and food storage and check each product one by one for possible pasta bugs contamination.

Throw them away

In a separate container, place all those food products that have been contaminated by pasta bugs. Unfortunately, you have to throw them away to prevent reinfestation. In case you find products which just one or two pasta bugs, you can put them in the freezer for a few days. The cool temperature will freeze those bugs to death.

Clean your cabinet

After you have inspected and thrown the products that have been infested by pasta bugs, you can place all the remaining edible food groceries in the freezer or a cooler to kill the remaining bacteria. In the meantime, you must clean your cabinet and make sure that it is free of pasta bugs. Dust off or use a vacuum to get the remaining pasta bugs, place them inside a garbage bag and dispose properly. Then, you can get a bucket of soapy water and a sponge to clean up the kitchen cabinet. Scrub your kitchen cabinet until it is spot-free. Let the cabinet doors wide open so that it can dry faster.

Seal cracks

If your kitchen cabinets have cracks that can be a potential hide out for pasta bugs, stuff it with a putty or sealant.

Use disinfectants

Before you replace those remaining food products back to the kitchen cabinet, it is a good idea to disinfect the cabinet first. There are many disinfectant sprays available in home depots. It might be a good idea to keep one in your home. Simply spray it over the cabinet for that added protection.

Arrange the food products

After that major kitchen cabinet clean-up drive, you can now restock the cabinet and arrange the remaining food products. For those starchy groceries, you can place them in a big jar instead of just stocking them in their original packaging.

Maintain cleanliness

To avoid pasta bugs in the future, always remember to clean and disinfect your kitchen cabinet every now and then.

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