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How To Get Rid Of Peacocks

Peacocks are wonderful animals. Their brightly colored feathers are just one of a kind. The number of peacocks is unevenly distributed around the world.  In most places around the world, peacocks are regarded as beautiful creatures. However, in tropical and other subtropical areas where the peacocks are abundant, they are not regarded as beautiful animals, rather, they are seen as pests. If you live in an area where the peacocks are abundant, it is likely that you will encounter peacocks invasion.

Peacocks have many good qualities that cannot be found in other birds. However, they also have unwanted characteristics that can urge you to just shoot them. Peacocks are loud and noisy. Just one squawking call and it can wake up everyone in your lot, and even your neighbors. Moreover, they are quite messy. They will claw on the soil, and they can ruin your beautiful garden, if you are maintaining one. Also, their feathers seem to just fly all over the place, making your lawn look like a derby site.

The good news is that there are actually easy tricks that you can do to get rid of peacocks. So if you are having trouble with peacocks, here are some tips for you.

Scare them with water

If there are peacocks that are crossing your border, you can just attach a hose to your garden faucet and spray them with water. The strong stream of water will scare those peacocks away. Also, you can try squirting some jets of water directly to the peacocks. This act will scare them and chances are they will go away.

Protect your crops

If you have a lot of crops in your garden, then you really will be frequented by peacocks. Peacocks love fresh fruits and vegetables and they will eat your crops if they remained unprotected. One thing you can do is to place high fencing around your crops. Remember, peacocks are tall birds and they can easily jump on fences so be sure that the fencing is a few feet tall and high enough that the peacocks will not be able to access it.

Aside from fences, another thing you can use to protect your crops is netting. Garden nettings placed over a patch of crops will discourage those peacocks from entering your lot.

Have guard dogs around

Peacocks are scared of dogs. If you have pet dogs, you can just place their house around the area where the peacocks usually linger at. Whenever the peacocks cross your lot and your dog sees them, just one bark from that dog of yours and the peacocks will go away.

Divert them to your neighbors

You can always ask your neighbors to lure the peacocks. Ask them if they do not mind peacocks around their lot. If they agree, you can ask them to feed the peacocks so they will go away from your lot and be diverted to your neighbor’s. Also, if you live beside a vacant lot, you can place foods in that lot so that the peacocks will just go there and not invade your place anymore.

Call wildlife conservation office

If you still cannot manage getting rid of those peacocks after several attempts of the previous methods mentioned, you can always call the wildlife conservation office near you. Tell them about the peacocks that frequently visit your lot. They probably will advise you to set up friendly traps or they will do the removal by themselves.

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