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How To Get Rid Of Peeing Cats

Cats are lovely creatures. They make good house pets. The little furry body of cats makes it very nice to cuddle and play with. However, if you do not have any intention to keep cats as pets, and yet your house being frequented by stray cats, then you might encounter getting headache from the problem that they bring. Stray cats can make your heart melt. Seeing those tiny animals trying to survive by themselves can make you feel pitiful towards them. However, when these cats strike, that sympathy will be replaced with utter annoyance, because one of the problems brought about by cats is their urine.

Like humans and every other animal, cats need to urinate as well. However, because they are not trained, cats have the tendency to just pee anywhere and everywhere. Peeing cats are definitely unwanted in every home. This is mainly because the cat’s urine has a foul smell and it stains the floor or fabric where the cat has released its urine. Moreover, a cat’s urine has lots of bacteria and once the germs get into you, your health will be risked. Naturally, if there are many stray cats that frequent your lot, you would probably want to just get rid of peeing cats. But how do you do it? Here are some things you can do.

Take away their resources

If the stray cats linger around your yard often, then maybe, they find their resources at your very home. So if you want to get rid of peeing cats, the first thing you can do is to take away their resources. Remove all the possible food resources that those cats may be eating. Your first steps would be to keep you trash cans sealed properly so that the cats will not be able to rummage it. Then, if there is stagnant water around, you should also remove it.

Cover up the cat’s nesting area

Stray cats have the tendency to confine themselves in areas that are covered and away from harmful threats. These areas include decks and sheds. Sometimes, they also go up the ceiling. So to get rid of these cats that always pee around your home, you should cover or seal up all the entrances to your home where the cats could possible enter at.

Make a cat spray solution

Cats do not like hot peppers. If you always find the stray cats in the same area every day, then it might be thinking of permanently residing there. So to discourage that peeing cat from coming back, you can make a cat spray solution and use it around the area. You can just mix hot peppers and spices together with some water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and apply it around the area that the cats love the most. Also, you can just use a pepper spray as an alternative.

Get a dog

You have probably watched many cartoons and saw dog-chasing-cats scenes. Well, in real life, this could also happen. If you are tired of dealing with peeing stray cats around, then you can just get a large dog that can guard your lot and keep cats away.

Call animal control center

If you cannot manage to get rid of those peeing cats, then you can just call the local animal control officials in your area and ask for their help.

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