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How To Get Rid Of Pen Stains

Did you accidentally stained your cloth with pen ink? Ink stains are probably one of the most common stains that can be found on clothes. It is very common because, everyday, an average worker or student uses a pen. With just one wrong flick of a pen and it can accidentally draw a line to your uniform. When this happens, you can expect being in a bad mood while trying to do remedies to get rid of it. Well, the real thing is that, you cannot really get rid of the pen stain right away. Of course, you will have to do some home remedies and properly wash your cloth.

There are many things you can do to get rid of pen stains. Some can work on light stains, while some are designed to deal with bigger stain problems. But the key to effective stain removal is to administer the home remedies as soon as possible so that the pen stain will be easier to remove. So if the fabrics of the cloth you are wearing have been stained with pen ink, you should try to do these things to get rid of pen stains right away.

Identify the fabric of your cloth

It is essential to know the fabric of your cloth before doing any method to get rid of the pen stain. Why is that? Well, some fabrics are not designed to be manually washed. So if you are dealing with more valuable fabrics such as silk or satin, then it might be better to just bring the cloth to the dry cleaner and pay them some bucks to remove the pen stain. Note that, silk and satin are quite expensive, and if your stain removal did not work out well, then you will be facing a bigger problem. So if you are unsure what to do, just take the cloth to the dry cleaner or laundry shop.

Use hairspray

Hairspray is one of the things that you wouldn’t think could remove stains but actually does. IF your cloth has been stained by ink, just saturate the stained area with hairspray that is alcohol-based. Let this soak for a while. Then, dab the area with paper towel. This should remove most of the ink from your cloth. After the ink has been removed, then you can just wash it as you normally would.

Apply nail polish remover

Nail polish remover has a more concentrated formula than the hairspray. So if the hairspray did not work, then you can use nail polish remover in its place. Just soak the stained area with nail polish remover and leave it for about half an hour or until the pen stain appears to be less visible. Then, use cloth or paper towel to absorb the remaining ink. Use liquid detergent and clean water to wash the cloth and hang it to dry afterwards.

Soak in milk

For stubborn pen stains, you can use whole-fat milk. It might not seem likely but milk is effective in removing ink stains. All you have to do is to soak the stained area in whole-fat milk overnight. Come morning time, most of the pen stain, if not all, should have been removed. After soaking the cloth overnight, you can now clean the cloth by washing it with water and liquid detergent soap.

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