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How To Get Rid Of Pencil Marks

When you are feeling creative, you can just grab a hold of a pencil and start to sketch the things around you or draw an abstract image in your mind. Sure thing, even just a small pencil can be an instrument of a beautiful and artistic creation. However, there are also times when, instead of promoting art and creativity, the pencil becomes a great annoyance. Exactly when does this happen? Well, when that pencil accidentally left a mark on your cloth, other valuable fabrics, or walls around your house.

Pencil marks, when doodled on a paper, can be readily erased with a pencil eraser. However, when the pencil crosses the line and extended its drawing powers to fabrics and concrete walls, you can expect a hard time trying to get rid of the pencil marks. Well, that is if you do not know the proper ways on how to get rid of pencil marks. Worry not when you encounter those pencil marks again, try following these simple methods and you are good to go.

Pencil eraser

If the mark is on the wall or other furniture, then you can try using the pencil eraser to remove it. Simply rub the eraser along the pencil marks until it becomes less and less visible. Remember not to rub too harshly or you might end up ruining your wall or furniture paint.

Detergent and water

The usual detergent soap and water cleaning that you do when washing the laundry might be enough to remove the pencil mark on your clothes and other fabrics. If the pencil marks is not too visible and there is just a little amount of it, just wash the marked cloth with detergent and water and then hang it outside and let it bleach naturally under the sun.


Toothpaste is an effective cleaner for pencil marks and crayon marks as well. Simply get an old toothbrush, squeeze some toothpaste on it. Drop some water over the toothpaste and then, brush the wall or furniture with the pencil marks. Continuously rub in circular motion until the marks have been removed.

If the pencil mark is on your clothes, try dabbing the area with the mark with water. Then, using a brush or your fingertips, rub some toothpaste around the area for a few minutes. Let it sit for a while and then wash with water.

Baking soda

If the problem is a stain, baking soda is the solution. Baking soda probably has thousands of uses at home, including being a home remedy for pencil marks. Simply mix a tablespoon of baking soda and a little amount of water to create a paste. Then, apply this on the area where the pencil mark is. Lightly scrub it and then rinse. This can work with fabrics, walls and other furniture.

Hydrogen peroxide or ammonia

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia have powerful elements that can easily remove pencil marks. Simply make an ammonia solution or get hydrogen peroxide. Then, apply the solution on the stained area. Using a brush, scrub the mark away. Use water to rinse.

Stain remover

If the home remedies above did not work, then you can resort to use a commercial product specifically designed to remove marks and stains. You can buy stain removers at almost any home improvement or grocery shop. Look for the one that works best with different kinds of stains including pencil marks. Follow the directions indicated and you can instantly get rid of the pencil marks.

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    Toothpaste worked for me! Thanks!

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