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How To Get Rid Of Perennials

Perennial plants can bring life to every lawn. There are many types of perennial plants out there; there are flowering ones, herbs and other shrubs. All of these can serve as great decorations in your home. But even so, sometimes, you might feel the need to take them out. This may occur when the perennial plants growing in your lawn are actually invasive ones and they are taking your other preferred crops. Or, you might have loved the idea of perennials before but now you need to take them out because you are renovating your house. Whatever the case may be, this requires removal of the perennial plants.

The difficulty of perennial removal depends on what type of plant you are dealing with. Some perennials are pretty easy to remove; some are very difficult and require a professional gardener’s help. If you want to get rid of perennials in your garden but do not know how to start, you can try using these tips and tricks for removal of those perennials.

Know your plants

The very first thing you should do in removing perennials is to identify what plants are they in the first place. If the perennials seem to be invasive, you cannot just go out there and pull them up. Remember, some plants have thorns and bladed leaves that can leave you injured if you act carelessly. So to know what approach you can do, try to know your plants first.

Manually pull them up

When you have checked the perennials and you are sure that they are safe to get in contact with them, and then you can try manually pulling them up. This is one of the best ways to get rid of perennials. However, it requires lots of patience and dedication because you are going to use your hands and body to remove those perennials. Simply gear up yourself properly with long sleeve shirts, long pants and protective gloves. Then, pull the perennials and seal them inside a garbage box. Note that doing this method can only work if you have a few perennial plants to remove. Otherwise, it might take you forever to remove all of them.

Dig them up

Another alternative for manually pulling up perennials is to dig them. This can work if the number of perennials is too much for your bare hands. Using a shovel or spade, simply dig around the plants until the root systems are almost visible. Then, you can just uproot the perennials using your hands or by scooping them with the shovel. Be sure not to break the roots because you might experience an even worse breakout.

Mow them

Perennial plants require water and sunlight in order for them to survive. If you constantly mow the plants, their remaining small stems will need a lot of effort to get what they need. So if you have the patience to keep mowing the plants until they die, then you can try this method. Just clear your lawn using the mower and keep the perennial growth to minimum. If they are kept small, they will not be able to get their resources properly, and eventually they will die.

Seek a gardener’s help

There are times when getting rid of perennials need to be done by a professional gardener. If you really cannot manage them by yourself, just contact a gardener around and pay him for his services.

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