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How To Get Rid Of Perm Smell


The waves are in again and most women go to salon to have their hair permed. Well, perming can really improve a person’s look. It gives the hair more volume and shine, and makes it have a livelier feel. No wonder while all those girls go crazy about having a perm. But, do not get too excited yet. Although perming is good for your appearance and all, it has some immediate flaws that can bother you after you have just received a perm treatment. So what is this one of the most unwanted things when it comes to perming? It is that annoying perm smell.

When undergoing a perm treatment, the hair stylist uses many powerful chemicals to make the process succeed and leave your hair with beautiful curls for a longer time. Unfortunately, most of these chemicals actually have an off odor that can make your nose crinkle. After that treatment has been finished, the perm smell usually does not go away for about a week. So what do you do about? If you cannot wait for the smell to go away and you just want to show your friends how your new perm looks, then here is a very simple and effective step by step method on how to get rid of perm smell.

The tomato juice solution

Tomato has high acidic contents that can neutralize the odor brought about by alkaline chemicals used in perming solutions. That is why; using tomato juice to remove the unwanted perm smell on your hair is highly effective. To do this treatment, you can just get tomato juice from the market, or, you can manually squeeze juices out of tomatoes which may be better because you are sure that you are using 100% pure tomatoes.

So once you have gotten the tomato juice, simply apply this all over your hair. Make sure that all parts have been covered. Using your fingertips, rub and massage your hair and scalp with the tomato juice for a few minutes. Then, allow the tomato juice to stay in your hair for about twenty to thirty minutes. After that, wash away the tomato juice from your hair using water. Follow with a treatment using clarifying shampoo. Rinse again and let dry.

The lemon juice solution

If the tomato juice solution did not work out for you, if you are allergic to tomatoes, or if you have a light colored hair that might get stained by the tomato juice, then you can use the lemon juice solution instead. Lemon juice has lots of acidic contents that can overpower the perm smell as well. Plus, it can also leave your hair with a fresh and sweet scent.

To use the lemon juice solution, simply get about three cups of lemon juice or freshly-squeezed lemon extract. Apply the solution to your hair. Rub and scrub it all over your hair and scalp for twenty to thirty minutes as well. Afterwards, simply rinse the lemon juice from your hair and follow up by washing with clarifying shampoo and clean water. Dry your hair.

Repeat the process

If your chosen treatment did not work out for the first time, but you did see some improvement, then you can just repeat the process for the following days until the perm smell has been removed.

How To Get Rid Of Perm Smell

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