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How To Get Rid Of Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are a type of ant that is widespread and common in most households all over the globe. They are very tiny and usually come in yellow-ish orange color. Pharaoh ants can multiply rapidly so when your yard gets invaded by these ants, they can easily start a break out. These ants are particularly more difficult to get rid of. This is because their nests are hard to locate and the removal methods used for ants in general sometimes do not work with them. But even though it is challenging to remove pharaoh ants, it is not impossible for them to be eliminated.

The key thing in getting rid of pharaoh ants is to work as quickly as possible before they can spread because if their colony have multiplied and invaded every side of your yard, you will really have a hard time, or you may even be unsuccessful in removing them. Besides, pharaoh ants have a habit of infesting your food, and the worse is that they carry more germs than other ants. So before they can even cause your head to ache even more, you can try these things to get rid of pharaoh ants.

Find their nest

It is best to take down a pharaoh ants colony because it is the quickest way that you will be able to get rid of them all. But before you can do something about the problem, you should first find their nesting ground. Inspect your yard and house for the possible lair of the pharaoh ants. Usually, you will find them in areas where their resources like water and foods are present. So pay particular attention to your kitchen and bathroom. If you have a pet, you should check out your pet’s space.

Trap them

Pharaoh ants love to eat sugary foods. So one way that you can do to eliminate the problem is to trap them. Fill a shallow bowl or plate with sugar and mix it with some borax. You can also use almost any food that has carbohydrate and glucose. Place the plate in the area near the lair of the pharaoh ants. Once the pharaoh ants falls for your trap, they will get stuffed and be poisoned.

Drown them in hot, soapy water

Although pharaoh ants need water, they will die if you give them lots of it. Simply boil some water and mix liquid detergent into it. This will increase the potency of your solution. Just pour the hot, soapy water directly on the pharaoh ants. Note that this will only work best if the pharaoh ants live outside your yard. If it lives inside your home, you should resort to trapping them because this method can be quite messy.

Do not use insecticide spray

Spraying down the pharaoh ants does not really work. This is because using sprays will only spread these pharaoh ants around. While some may be killed, most will be able to escape. And they may even scatter and form new colonies. So as much as possible do not use insecticide spray.

Call an exterminator

If the infestation has already become severe, then you might have no other choice but to call an exterminator. Sometimes, things are best left to the hands of the professional. Although it may cost you some backs to hire an exterminator for his services, you will be assured that those pharaoh ants will be gone for good.

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