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How To Get Rid Of Pheasants

Pheasants are native Georgian birds that are widespread. The common species of pheasants are actually the most haunted species of birds today. They are small and come in bright colors. When it is the pheasant season, you might see some of them strutting their stuff around your garden. While pheasants may look adorable and cute because of their colorful feathers, they can also be annoying at some point. They have the tendency to claw on the ground, eat your plant seeds and even destroy your lawn growth. And when they start to do the unwanted, they will become a great nuisance. When this happens, you should try to get rid of them as soon as you can before they can even cause further damage.

Getting rid of pheasants can be a bit of a challenge. This is because you cannot really touch them as they are protected by the law. The only things you can do is to make your place less attractive for them so they will not visit you, and to take preventive measures so that they will not come by your lot in the future. Here are some helpful tips that you can take note of when you need to get rid of pheasants.

Chase them away

Pheasants get easily scared. If you see them around, you can just chase them away by yourself and they will most likely go away. However, they may still come back so you will have to constantly monitor their visits. You can also let out a cat or dog on your lawn and they can shoo away the pheasants for you.

Cover your plants

While pheasants do not really eat a lot of vegetable and fruits, they still take interest with plants seeds. They can damage your luscious garden if you leave them out in the open. So if you want to make your lot look less attractive for the pheasants, you can cover up your plants. You can fix some netting around it so that the pheasants and other pests will not have access to it. And if they can get their claws on your plants, they will most likely find another place to hang at.

Create fencing around

If you want more protection from pheasants and other invasive animals, you should opt to create fencing, or if you already have a fence, you should try to improve it. You should establish some fencing at least about two feet above the ground, with some inches buried under the soil. Also, aside from the usual wooden fencing, you can add some mesh or wires to make it more difficult for your lot to be accessed.

Catch them by hand

Although these pheasants look small and weak, they move very fast. But if you want to try, you can catch them by hand. This might be effective only if there are only a few pheasants around. In case you have caught them, you can just place them in a cage and give them to your local animal protection organization. You can also assume ownership, cook and eat them if ever there is no one who owns the stray pheasants.

Call professional hunters

There are licensed hunters that can help you get rid of the pheasants. They are allowed by the law to shoot out those pheasants. You can simply contact the local licensed pheasant hunters around your neighborhood and have them get rid of the pheasants for you.

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