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How To Get Rid Of Phlegm

Have you recently caught a cough or cold? Is this illness of yours accompanied by unwanted phlegm? Even though your cough or cold has already subsided, most of the times, phlegm or excess mucous will stay on your throat, chest or lungs. This phlegm or mucous actually have bacteria with them. So the longer they stay in your body, the weaker your health will become. So as much as possible, you should get rid of phlegm right away.

Flushing out phlegm from your body is actually not too difficult. If your case is not too serious, you can just follow simple home remedies to get rid of phlegm. So before you go to the doctor, here are some simple things you can do that may improve your condition.

Get steamy

One good way to get rid of the phlegm is to inhale some steam. The heat will somehow liquefy the phlegm on your throat or lungs making it easier for you to get it out of your body. Simply boil some water and pour it over a big bowl. Let it cool for a while. Pull back your hair with shower cap or towel and position your head right above the bowl. Try to breathe in deeply the steam coming from the bowl and slowly let it out. Do this for a couple of minutes for a few times a day, until you are able to release the phlegm from your body.

Get a hot bath

Aside from inhaling steam itself, a hot bath can also warm up your body and the remaining phlegm inside it. Simply fill your tub with warm water or take a hot shower. This will loosen up the phlegm build up inside your body, allowing you to relax.

Sip on hot soup or tea

Consuming hot foods can also help in making the phlegm in you cavities easier to release. You can simply sip on soup or hot tea. However, do not consume dairy because it may even worsen your phlegm build up. So opt to consume broth or herbal tea, preferably with raw honey, and steer clear of milk and other dairy products.

To increase the potency of your soup or tea, you can add some cayenne pepper to it. The cayenne pepper will make your meal even hotter so it will help clear your clogged passageways.

Drink water and more water

Water plays a great role in flushing out the phlegm from your body. So every day, you must drink a lot of water, even more than the required 6-8 glasses a day. The more water you consume, the faster you will be able to get rid of the unwanted phlegm that has stuck inside your body.

Get medicines

There are cough or cold medicines that you can buy in the pharmacy. Some of them do not really require medical prescription from the doctor. Just ask the pharmacist about the different medicine choices for removing excess phlegm in the body.

Go to a doctor

While cold and cough are not really serious, there are times that it can give you great discomfort, especially if you cannot release the phlegm associated with these illnesses. So if after a week and you are still experiencing clogged nasal passages or dried phlegm in your throat and lungs, you should already go to a doctor and have yourself checked up.

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