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How To Get Rid Of Pigweeds

When you are trying to keep a beautiful garden and grow flowers and crops, your number one enemy aside from harmful pests, are also plants that sprout out of nowhere. In whatever angle you look at it, weeds are just plain annoying. They will pop out of nowhere. They start with sharing nutrients from the soil that are meant for your flowers and then completely takeover your garden. An example of those notorious weeds that is commonly found across the North America is pigweed. Pigweeds also produce these black seeds that can be toxic for animals. So if you are taking of pets, the more reason to get rid of these pigweeds right away.

You must put a stop on the growth of pigweeds in your yard right away. If you leave them alone, you will most likely just wake up one day and see that your garden contains no other than just pigweeds. Because of the many threats that these pigweeds bring to your garden, you should get rid of them at first sight. However, it is actually a bit challenging to take them all out. Nevertheless, with some patience and products, here are some tips that you might find useful in getting rid of pigweeds from your garden.

Dig up the pigweeds

If you want to ensure that you really take out the whole plants, the best method for you to do is to manually dig up the pigweeds. However, this is only practical if the pigweeds are just starting to grow. Using a small shovel or a gardening spoon, try to dig around the pigweed clumps. Then, once it is loose enough, grab the pigweed from its stem and yank it out of the soil. Be sure to remove all the parts of the pigweed, especially the roots. Remember to wear protective gloves as well.

Rake them up

If manually digging up the plants is not practical for you to do, you can use a rake to remove the plants from the ground. However, when you just rake them up from the ground, there is more risk that not all the pigweeds will be removed. First, cut off the pigweed so that only a few inches of the stem are visible from the ground. Then, rake the soil to expose and uproot the weeds. Then, pick up the remains of the plant.

Burn them

Burning the pigweeds is another instant way to remove the plants. Simply light up a fire to take down all those unwanted weeds. Use a rake as well to remove the remaining parts of the pigweed. This method works most of the time, but there is also the possibility that some pigweeds will sprout again so monitor your garden regularly.

Apply vinegar and soapy water

A natural weedkiller recipe that you can do is simply a mixture of vinegar, liquid dish soap and hot water. Fill a spray bottle with a 1:2 ratio of vinegar and water. Then add up about 2 tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Shake it well to blend and then apply directly on the pigweeds. Wait for a few days and check if it turns into a dead color. If not, repeat again.

Use glyphosate weedkillers

If homemade weedkillers did not work, you can opt to use commercial glyphosate weedkillers like Roundup. Simply refer to the instructions on the manual to know how to use the product.

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