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How To Get Rid Of Pincher Bugs

Have you heard about those bugs that enter your ear and eat your brains up at night? It sounds creepy right? But this story about those bugs, or pincher bugs, is more of a myth. But they are still annoying and dangerous in other ways than just eating up your brains.

Pincher bugs are one of the most common notorious house pests. They come in small packages and only become active at night that is why they are tougher to remove than other bugs. Pincher bugs, also known as earwigs, are pests that love to linger around in damp and dark areas. They are also dangerous as they can eat up plants even feed on other animals and insects.

Once you have noticed pincher bugs around your house, it is a must that you act right away to get rid of it. Like many other pests, pincher bugs also multiply rapidly, and the least you want is to have them flying all around your house. In order to help you get rid of pincher bugs, here are some things you can do.

Vacuum around the house

Cleaning your house with a vacuum is one of the easiest ways in order to get rid of pincher bugs from your home. This will not just suck up all those adult bugs, but also the eggs. Pay particular attention to corners and crevices. Also do not forget rugs and carpeting. Once you have captured some pincher bugs, you can release them away from your home and other households. You can also use drown the pincher bugs in soapy water.

Lure them into a trap

Pincher bugs just love damp places. One classic trap you can do to get rid of pincher bugs is to place a crumpled damp newspaper to the areas near the lair of the pincher bugs. Leave the newspaper overnight and check it in the morning. There is a big chance that a lot of pincher bugs have already made their way to the newspaper. If you have confirmed that the pincher bugs have been lured to the trap, seal the newspaper into a garbage bag and dispose it off properly.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want until the pincher bugs has all been removed.

Sprinkle around boric acid

An instant repellant for pincher bugs is boric acid. It has contents that are quite poisonous to much type of bugs. You can just sprinkle it around areas where you often see pincher bugs crawling about. However, give a heads up to your family members about these areas especially if there are kids living in your house. Be sure to keep your pets away from it too.

Seal the cracks and crevices

Once you have gotten rid of the pincher bugs, you should now pay attention in preventing them from coming back. The main reason why these bugs have made their way in your house is probably because of holes and cracks in your house’s structure. That is why you should check around your house for these spots and if you see cracks and crevices, seal them right away.

Call for an exterminator

If there are just too many pincher bugs around your house and you cannot manage them all, then you can call an exterminator and ask him to help you get rid of pincher bugs.

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