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How To Get Rid Of Pine Sap

Pine trees are nice, big trees to watch. They also bring this unique and fresh natural smell. That is why there is nothing more refreshing than taking a walk into the woods with lots of tall pine trees around. However, not all the times, these pine trees are that beneficial. For example, if you have gotten tired of walking around and you took a rest, leaning under a pine tree, you might be shocked when you wake up with lots of pine sap on your skin and your clothes. Like many other trees, pines also have this sticky stuff that ooze from its trunks and leaves. This pine sap will just bind with anything and once it sticks to your skin or clothes, you cannot just wipe it away with a tissue.

The good thing is that pine sap is in fact quite easy to get rid of. You can just use some things that are readily found in your home. Paint thinner, soap, alcohol are just some of the basic removers for pine sap. If you are having trouble removing pine sap, here are some things you can do to get rid of it.

Take a bath

If there are lots of pine sap that has been glued to your skin, then you can just hit the bathroom and take a bath. Water and soap are both powerful in removing pine sap from the skin. If there are pine sap on your hair as well, use clarifying shampoo and deeply moisturizing conditioner to let the pine sap slide from your hair.

Saturate with alcohol

Pine sap that has stuck on clothes is actually pretty easy to get rid of. Your everyday rubbing alcohol is powerful enough to take it off. Simply saturate the area with alcohol. Use your fingers or an old toothbrush to scrub the area in circular motions. After the pine sap has been removed, you can now wash the cloth with warm water and detergent. For expensive type of fabrics that have been stained with pine sap, you can just send them to the laundry shop as some fabrics, especially high quality ones, are harder to fix.

If you have pine sap on your skin, you can also just use alcohol to remove it. Just remember to apply moisturizer afterwards as alcohol can dry out your skin.

Use paint thinner

Paint thinner is powerful in removing pine sap. It is best used when removing pine sap from unpainted surfaces. You can just get some paint thinner and pour it over a piece of rag. Then, scrub the surface with the pine sap using this rag. It will destroy the elements of the pine sap. After you have removed the pine sap, wash the surface with clean water. Use a piece of clean cloth to dry the surface. Never use paint thinner to remove pine sap that has stuck in painted surfaces as the paint thinner may damage the paint.

Paint thinner can also be used to remove pine sap from insensitive areas of the skin. However, use it sparingly and quickly wash with water and soap after you have removed the pine sap from your skin.

Freeze it off

Another thing you can do is to freeze the pine sap. Simply apply ice on the area where the pine sap is. Once the sap freezes, you can just peel and remove the pine sap.

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