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How To Get Rid Of Pinworms

Well being is an important aspect of the human life, especially for the youth. As young kids have unending vigor, they are vulnerable to certain diseases if not carefully looked after. This is particularly true since they are at the oral stage when they like to bite anything they can hold. Naturally, clean toys have no trouble of being a hazard. However, not all the things they bite are completely clean. There are a few conditions that can be gained from biting or sucking on dirty toys or other things kids hold. Some of them can even lead to serious diseases. One of these common diseases that can be caused by constantly biting and sucking of dirty hands and toys is pinworm infection.

Pinworms are easily acquired, especially by infants. Of course, that doesn’t say that adults are immune to them. It is an early childhood infection that needs to be treated as soon as possible, but can also attack even adult people. You can tell if your child has pinworms by checking their diapers or underwear. You can see these thread-like worms in their anal area or in the toilet. Other signs are sleepless nights due to irritable itch in the anus. But in some cases, these symptoms do not appear until in the later years after acquiring these bacteria.

As bad as it may sound, these parasites aren’t dangerous but the pinworms themselves are contagious and cause infections. An infected child can bring infection to their whole family. If it is confirmed that your child has pinworms, your whole family should also get diagnosed and the whole house should be cleaned because the pinworms eggs can be in the dust on the floors and start the infection all over again. This article will show you more tips on how to get rid of pinworms.

Go to the doctor

As soon as you notice symptoms, take your child to the doctor. He will test your child for possible infection by taking a piece of folded tape and placing the sticky side to the child’s anus. After doing so, the doctor will take this and place it under the microscope to see if any pinworms are present.

Wash your hands as often as you can

Your hands may be contaminated with pinworms and warm, soapy water can help get rid of its eggs in your fingertips. Wash often, especially after bathroom trips and before eating or drinking. The worms might get into the food that then goes into your mouth. As such, instruct your whole household to keep their hands clean as well.

Wash the clothing and bedding of your rooms

While getting treatment of pinworm removal, it is best to keep washing your beds and sheets until it shows no sign of pinworms. This is so the pinworms in your beddings will not infect you after treatments.

If a family member has pinworms, do not share clothes or towels with him as you will most likely get infected for sharing garments.

Consume medicine

Take pinworm medicine prescribed by your doctor. These are usually over-the-counter drugs that can be bought without prescriptions. Some famous brands that are used are Pin-X or Pin-Rid. Take these as how your doctor prescribed and your whole family will be free of pinworms.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

After you have gotten rid of the pinworm, prevention must be observed. And in order to prevent pinworms, and other diseases from attacking you, follow a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, taking enough rest and practicing proper hygiene.

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