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How To Get Rid of Pipe Smell

Every day, dirty water passes by your water pipes. When you take a shower, the dirty, soapy water that you bathe with will flow down the shower drain and through the pipes. When you wash the dishes, the dirty water will go down the sink and the pipes as well. Because of the constant use of water lines, it is inevitable that bacteria and germs will also accumulate on these pipes wherein dirty water flows. Because of this, unwanted smell may also seep up from the piping, especially if there is any damage on the pipelines.

Constant use will promote the number of smelly bacteria in the water pipes, but even non-use may have almost the same effect. If a certain sink is not used, the pipes will dry out and because of this; the smell coming from the sewage will rise up and erupt to the sink from the pipes. Nevertheless, be it from constant use or non-use, you should fix water pipes to remove the bacteria and musty smell coming from it. Don’t just live with dirty, smelly gas filling your home. Here are some things that you can try in order to get rid of pipe smell.

Moisturize the pipelines

As mentioned, pipe smell may be due to non-use of water lines. If there is a bathroom or kitchen sink on your house that is not often used, then it might be the culprit for the pipe smell. Have a look at this sink and check if it is where the gas emits from. Once you have confirmed it, you can just let water flow down the sink and through the pipes. The water will help stop the sewage smell from rising up. You should also pour some olive oil to the drain and flush it with some water. Do this method about every month for sinks and drains that are not often used.

Use hot water

Sometimes, hot water may dislodge bacteria that cause the pipe smell. Before resorting to the use of chemicals, you can try heating up some water and pouring it down the drain. Check if the smell has been removed. If not, try the other tips below.

Pour some vinegar

Vinegar is a tough bacteria-killer. If the pipe smell is similar to a rotten, grimy smell, then it might be because of bacteria that are feasting on your water pipes. If this is the case, you can just pour a few cups of pure vinegar directly on the sink where the smelly pipes are connected.

Pour some bleach

If there is still that reeking pipe smell, then you can pour some bleach after using up some vinegar. Bleach is also another powerful killer for bacteria. Simply pour a few cups of bleach down the drain. Let it sit for a few minutes and then let the water run down the drain to flush out the clumps of bacteria that has been dislodged by the vinegar and bleach.

Check the water pipes for damages

If after cleaning the pipes with vinegar or bleach, the smell still did not go away, then there might be something wrong with the pipelines. If you cannot pinpoint the problem, then have a more thorough inspection. Broken water pipes are one of the things that you must watch out for.

Ask help from the plumber

If you have not much knowledge about plumbing, then you can ask help from a plumber. You just have to pay him some bucks for his services, but you can be guaranteed of a good service and odor-free pipelines.  Use websites such as Service Magic to help find the best quote in your local area.

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