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How To Get Rid of Plovers

Are there swooping plovers outside your house? Do you just want to shoo them away but are afraid that they might peck you with their little beaks? Plovers are small type of wading birds that can be found all around the world. They are actually quite nice and do not usually cause harm. These plovers even feed on unwanted insects and worms that may be harming your household. However, there are times when plovers can be bothersome, especially if they made your yard their home, and whenever you go out near them, they just go and swoop at you. While plovers look nice when they are in the air, they are the other way around when they land at your yard.

Getting rid of plovers is quite challenging, especially if they have decided to nest on your yard. They are very noisy and are also quite aggressive and would defend their family. Hence, if you have kids around, better not to let them get near the nesting plovers. If you just cannot take the nuisance brought about by plovers, here are some things that can help you get rid of these birds.

Go around the yard with a mini flag

For some reason, having a stick with a small piece of cloth tied to its end can be a sign for plovers not to attack you. So if you need to get rid of plovers, you should get this item first. Then, go around the yard with this item and search for the plovers’ nest. You cannot just shoo away plovers because they are protected by the law and you cannot really try to get rid of them if they are nursing eggs or little chicks. So check out your yard first to see if the plovers’ family lives in your yard.

Pick up the eggs

If you find plover eggs, then replacing them will make the plovers stay a few meters away from your yard. Be careful when dealing with plover eggs, because the plovers might swoop at you when they see you picking their beloved ones. Before you go out to pick up the eggs, be sure to wear protective clothing and have your stick with you, so in case the plovers attack you, you wouldn’t get any injury. Bring also a container for the eggs.

Once everything is set, you can now go to the nesting area of the plover. Gently move around so you will not disturb the plovers right away. Once you arrive at the spot, carefully pick up the eggs and transfer them in the container. When the plovers start to swoop at you, do not panic and just try to dodge them. Then quickly move to an area far away from your home and carefully lay out the eggs there. Make sure the plovers see you so they can follow where you put their eggs.

Keep the resources away

If there are no eggs or young plovers around, then an easy and effective way to discourage the plovers from going around your house is to keep their resources away. As much as possible, do not expose any source of food for these plovers. Remove any water around as well. When they cannot find something to eat at your lot, they will move away.

Call bird control

If you cannot manage the plovers anymore, then you can call your local bird control office and ask for help. They will rescue the birds and remove them from your yard.  To find local pest control companies in your local area, consider using services such as Service Magic to help find the lowest quote.

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