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How to Get Rid of Poa Annua

Grasses are common in the yard as they provide lush green surfaces that lessen the dirt from the soil. There are varieties of grasses however, that we don’t want anywhere close to the plants that we grow. These grasses have the tendency to invade the whole area, denying valuable nutrition that your plants deserve.

One type of grass that grows wildly and freely in the garden is the poa annua. They are considered to be an invasive type of grass. Poa annua can occupy the area where your plant should be and they can spread throughout making them even harder to kill. Your lawn can be damaged severely because of the presence of this weed.

There are several ways to get rid of poa annua. You should be careful when dealing with them since they blend with the lawn and when you get rid of them, the lawn can be collateral damage. Some of the things that you can do to get rid of poa annua is listed below, just make sure that extra precaution is observed when performing it:

Use a lawn mower with catcher

The very first thing that you can do before anything else is to mow the grass down. Weekly mowing of the grass can yield great results since this is a perfect way to control them. Poa annua usually germinate late spring to early summer so this is the best time to mow them out. Make sure that your lawn mower has a catcher that will capture all of the seed heads that developed in profusion. By doing this, not only existing poa annua will be killed but also, new grass will not be able to grow.

Spray herbicide

Poa annua usually germinates early September and this is the best time to apply herbicides to it. Before this process, herbicides stop the growth of the grass. A second application is also required during the spring to make sure that the germinating seeds are caught. You just have to repeat the process annually and you will notice that the problem will gradually die down until they are completely eliminated. A word of advice, make sure that you cover your mouth and nose with a mask and your eyes with goggles to avoid inhalation of the vapors of the chemical.

Dig them out

One of the most basic solutions in getting rid of grass is by digging them out. What you want to do first is to cut them until they are just about 2 to 3 inches high as this makes digging easier. After trimming the grass, you can use a rake to scrape the soil until the grass is removed. Clean the grass that has been removed and dig out any remaining grass unto the roots to make sure that they don’t grow back. Monitor the condition of the area that you dug out and see if there are poa annua still growing and repeat the process as necessary.

This process is good if you have lawn that you don’t want to be damaged when you attempt to remove poa annua. Place the poa annua that you have dug out in a plastic bag and move it away from your lawn as seeds can fall into the soil, starting its lifecycle again. Throw the poa annua or you can burn them as well.

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