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How to Get Rid of Porcupines

From a distance, porcupines can be considered as cute and cuddly looking animals; that is until you get to know them up close. Porcupines have poor eyesight and they move really slowly but they can be a nuisance since they pose potential danger with the spikes that covers their back. These spikes act as their natural defense from threats and knowing most animals, anything bigger and anything that moves toward them are considered as such.

Porcupines are a type of rodent and have a penchant for gnawing on different surface since they need to maintain the length of their teeth which keeps on growing. As cute as they look, porcupines have the tendency to destroy properties unintentionally. Their chewing can expose the roots of the tree which can kill it. If you have items in your shed, porcupines can also damage this.

As bad as it looks, porcupines should still be treated humanely when removing them. But proper precaution should be observed when dealing with them since they have their quills at the ready to protect them. Defending themselves do not mean that they intentionally want to harm you so here are some tips that you can follow to get rid of porcupines:

Use live traps

If you have decided to take on porcupines seriously then you should consider capturing them alive and turning them over to the proper authorities. You can do this by setting up a trap in areas where you have seen the porcupines. Porcupines can be on the hunt for food and this is one of the best baits that you can place in the trap to attract them. Porcupines are mostly attracted to salty foods and this is the type of food that you need to place on the trap.

Porcupines may also consider your shed as their temporary shelter so it is a safe bet to place the traps in this area as porcupines would most likely stay here.

Repel porcupines

While capturing porcupines is the best solution when you see their presence on your property, you should consider other creative options as well. You can use repellants to turn off potential dwellers of your property. One of the things that you can buy on the market is repellants that have a fox urine smell in them. You see, fox is a porcupine’s natural predator and the smell of the porcupines’ would be predator would definitely scare them off and leave your property alone. The concept works much in the same vein as installing decoy predators for birds which can scare them off.

Build fences

What better way to prevent porcupines and other types of animals from entering your property than building a sturdy fence all around your yard. Since it is well known that porcupines have a penchant to gnaw on wood, you should have the fence made from durable materials. Try fences that are made of aluminum or other types of metals which the porcupines would not be able to gnaw on. Fences should have minimal spaces in between them so small animals won’t find their way inside.

If you have a tree, it is suggested to have it fenced as well, especially if you don’t want to put up a fence on the whole property. Porcupines especially love trees as it provides them a great deal of material to chew on.

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