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How to Get Rid of Possums

There are certain types of animals that can be territorial, so much they show this trait that they often go in defense mode to protect their territory even if they are standing in the middle of your property. What’s worst is if they mess around and could actually cause damage to your property. Animals that do this are considered to be pests and a perfect example of a pest is a possum.

Possums are scary in appearance, often resembling an over-sized rat. They get aggravated if they feel threatened and often carry diseases like a normal rat. Aside from this, they also play host to parasites such as lice and fleas. They also rummage through your garbage cans, scattering everything unholy inside it. The long and short of it, you don’t want to have possums in your property.

Proper precaution should be considered when dealing with possums since they got a mean bite that can give you rabies. There are several methods that you can follow to get rid of possums safely and effectively. Here are some of the things that you need to remember when dealing with this type of animal:

Use a trap

Possums may have accidentally walked into your yard, but this does not excuse them for trespassing and possibly causing damage in your yard. When you do see possums in your property, you can start off with a trap. Place a piece of food inside the trap as bait so the possum would walk directly into their demise. After you have captured the possum, you can call the local animal control unit so that they can pick up the animal for you. Live traps are mostly suggested as other kinds may be considered as inhuman when used to capture live animals.

Cover trash cans

Food is one of the main reasons why possums and other animals like it invade your house. If they see anything scattered on your yard that resembles food, they will go after it. Animals have greater sense of smell and they can track food locations without a problem. Your trash can is like a gold mine to these animals since most of food wastes go there. Even if it’s not food, possums won’t mind rummaging through it to find some treats that they can eat.

Also, keep your yard clean and pick up any food particles that may have been lying around in the yard. Regularly clean your surroundings as to not lead the possums to your house. Tight food wastes inside a plastic bag so the smell wouldn’t get out that animals may smell it.

Put up a fence

A fence is probably the greatest animal repellant that you can place around your house. To maximize the effectiveness of the fence, you should place the fence underground for at least 2 feet, repelling other types of animals. Fences ensure that no animal invited can get inside to wreak havoc in your property.

Call animal control services

There is a video floating around the internet where a lady opens her pantry and was surprised that there is a possum in there hissing at her. Who knows how that possum ended up in there, but the point is that it happened. During this type of scenarios, it is best to contact your local animal control services so that they can get rid of the possum for you. Saving you the time and effort of discarding of the possum yourself.  To find a local pest control center in your area that offers lower prices, consider using services such as

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