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How to Get Rid of Potato Bugs

Bugs thrive almost everywhere especially on places where they can feed on something. Often, bugs are a part of an ecosystem that maintains the balance of its surroundings. There are times, however, that bugs are considered as pests. Some of them can do little damage, but even with their small bodies, some bugs such as the potato bugs are voracious and can deal a lot of damage in your garden.

Potato bugs are associated with their name due to the fact that they primarily feed on potatoes. But they also eat other types of vegetables such as eggplants, peppers or other types of plants. Some of the most common potato bugs can be easily identified due to their black and yellow stripe mostly found in Colorado.

Potato bugs can easily develop immunity from conventional insecticides but you don’t have to worry about this since there are numerous ways to kill or remove them. Aside from infesting crops, potato bugs also thrive in areas that are damp. A crawl space or cracks in the house provides a perfect settlement for them. To get rid of potato bugs, make sure that you follow the steps provided:

Seal off the cracks

Potato bugs, like other types of insects, can thrive on damp dark and tiny spaces. If you notice cracks or crevices in your house, chances are bugs or insects live in there. First, you should vacuum the area where you suspect the bugs are and use sealant to cover the cracks, effectively preventing entry to your house.

Introduce a natural predator

Not all bugs are considered as pests and this is why most of them are integral in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Like other animals, potato bugs have predators in the form of ladybugs. Ladybugs do not present any potential harm to your garden and therefore can be introduced to it.

Aside from the fact that they do not harm your crops or plants, ladybugs feed on potato bugs and with their presence, you will be able to control the population of potato bugs. Also, you need to make sure that you take care of the ladybugs by sprinkling water around the area to provide moisture to them.

Repel them

If you are uncertain about the presence of potato bugs in your garden, you can perform preventive measures that will not allow potato bugs from getting onto your plants. One of the items that you can use is thin nettings that you can drape over the plants. Due to the small spaces, potato bugs won’t be able to penetrate into the plants at the same time, water, air and sunlight would still be able to pass through the material; sustaining the plants’ need.

Insecticide as last resort

Getting rid of potato bugs the natural way is the best solution to remove them from your garden or home since doing anything otherwise can cause harm to the other plants or living beings in the garden as well as the environment. But as a last resort, you can still use aerosol insecticides that you spray directly to the bugs. Remember not to use insecticides on potato bugs that dwell on edible plants and make sure that the other plants are protected from the spray. Also, you should not perform this method often since potato bugs develop natural antibodies that can negate the effect of the insecticide.

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