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How to Get Rid of Prairie Dogs

There are a lot of rodents that look downright cuddly but this illusion can’t be any closer to the truth. Some rodents have caused plagues, see the black death during the middle ages, while some would simply just trespass and make a living in our yard, eating and destroying our properties like there is no tomorrow. Some of these rodents are what we know as prairie dogs.

The only resemblance that these rodents have with dogs is their second name and the way that they bark. These animals love to burrow and seek shelter underground until they surface and eat whatever they find. They have two sets of strong teeth that they use to gnaw on whatever it touches and whatever they can get their paws on.

Although not as destructive as rats, prairie dogs can still cause enough damage to lighten your wallets. This is part of the reason why they need to be taken care of. Another is the holes that they leave can injure you or your pets. Aside from the fact that these holes do not look good, they can also invite other creatures. here’s what you can do to get rid of prairie dogs living in your yard:

Place live traps around the holes they dug in

If you find yourself in the opposite of killing prairie dogs, you can actually use traps to capture them. Use traps that have baits in it and place it all around your yard, preferably in areas around where they dug holes. The bait will attract them to the traps and it is guaranteed that plenty of them will be captured because of how they are positioned around the yard.

Build fence around your yard

The best way to deal with the problem is to not have the problem at the start. Prevention is better than the cure. You need to think one step ahead. These are some tips to make sure that prairie dogs do not step in your property. Prairie dogs are burrowing animals that may be able to enter your property undetected. For this reason you will need to make sure that you have fences built around your yard.

You may wonder why build fence when they can dig and go under it. Well fences the bottom of the fence can be placed under the ground for at least 1 feet. This will lessen the chances of prairie dogs entering your yard from underneath.

Draw them out of their holes

one of the things that you can do if you can’t capture the prairie dogs is to draw them out. There are a number of ways to do this. It can involve flooding the holes with a hose releasing high pressure water. The prairie dogs can dig a network of underground tunnels and you can invade this by using water.

You can also drop pellets of poison baits if this is allowed in your area. You just have to throw them in the holes and let the prairie dogs enjoy it until they pass out and run out of breath. Fumigation is also another method that you can use, just be sure that your area allows it as well.

Hire exterminators

The last thing that you can do really is to hire exterminators if you are unable to deal with the problem. This will come at an added cost but it will guarantee removal and prevention from invasion of the prairie dogs.

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