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How To Get Rid Of Quackgrass

Quackgrass is one of the most troublesome weed that can grow in your lawn. It can grow by itself and has the ability to rapidly multiply through its rhizomes. Since it does not sprout from seeds, quackgrass can be really tough to deal with. But no matter how hard it is to remove quackgrass, you must try to manage it because quackgrass can take over your lawn easily and it can also damage your flower beds and other more beneficial grasses.

Although quackgrass is known as one of the hardest weed to eliminate, there are things that you can do to manage its growth. Once you see some quackgrass threat, you should act right away and get rid of it before it’s too late. If you want to know some tips on how to get rid of quackgrass, you can follow these methods.

Manual weeding

Young quackgrass are actually just easy to get rid of. You can just wear your protective gloves, go out on your lawn and start manual weeding. Just grasp the weed tightly and pull it out from the soil. Make sure that you get the whole quackgrass out so that it will not grow again.

Dig them up

Little quackgrass saplings may not be too painful to remove but once they have become fully matured, the quackgrass will have a very strong hold on the soil, making it really hard to remove. When the quackgrass has already grown, manual weeding and hand pulling is not really the most efficient choice. What you can do is to dig the whole quackgrass system out using gardening spoons or small shovels. Dig around the quackgrass clumps down to their root system. Then, extract the whole system out of the soil. Be sure that there are no rhizomes left or else, your effort will just go to waste.

Create some mulching

Placing layers of mulch around the areas where the quackgrass used to grow will prevent it from growing back. Simply cover the lawn area with hay, straw, pine needles and other usual clippings used in mulching. Make sure that the mulch is actually thick enough to hinder the quackgrass from coming back.


Mowing is not advisable when it comes to removing quackgrass as mowing will just promote more growth. However, if you want to use the solarization process, you need to cut the weeds in order for them to die faster. So first, ran the mower on the quackgrass clamps. Next, cover the patches with a thick layer of old newspaper, tarpaulin or plastic bags. Leave the quackgrass covered for a couple of weeks until the quackgrass has dried then get rid of the remains.

Use herbicides

For those stubborn quackgrass clumps, you can resort to using herbicides. If your neighborhood is prone to having quackgrass, then you must treat your lawn with herbicides. Herbicides can kill quackgrass and will hinder the growth of quackgrass and other similar weeds in the future. When dealing with herbicide, choose the best type which works with quackgrass. Glyphosate is one of the best herbicides because it is not too harmful and it is a selective herbicide, meaning it will not affect other plants in your lawn. If you are not sure what to use, you can ask your home improvement shop for assistance.

Weed control

If you cannot control the quackgrass on your lawn, then you can call the weed control team.

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