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How To Get Rid Of Queasiness

Is your stomach making you feel restless? Do you whine and moan about that uneasy feeling that comes from your big, bloated belly? Then you might be having a queasy stomach. A queasy stomach can be a result of a bad eating habit, pregnancy and other digestive problems. But whatever the reason behind the queasiness is, it must be solved and put into a stop as soon as possible.

Having that queasy feeling can greatly affect your mood. If your stomach is acting up and you feel bloated and queasy, you will experience a great deal of discomfort. When you have that unsettling feeling, you will lose focus and fail do your daily task well. But have no worries because there are things that you can do in order to deal with that queasy feeling. Here are some easy tips that will help you to get rid of queasiness.

Be still

Sometimes, just plain relaxing can ease queasiness. Simply lie down on your bed and rest for a bit. If you do not have access to a bed, sitting can also help.

Go to the comfort room

Queasiness might be caused by a clogged intestine. Taking a trip to the comfort room to release some waste inside your body might help in relieving that queasy and bloated feeling.

Release the gas

Sometimes, there might be too much gas inside your stomach, hence, the queasy feeling. If this is the case, you can just drink a glass of carbonated beverage to help you release the gas. Also, you can try the baking soda and water mixture. Simply get a glass of clean water and pour a teaspoon of baking soda unto it, then drink the mixture. This will help get rid of both the queasy feeling and the gas.

Drink a lot of water

Water greatly helps in cleansing your stomach. If you are dehydrated, you will have a hard time digesting food. So drink lot of water and other nutritious drinks, such as pineapple juice, to help detoxify your body.

Do not stuff your stomach with food

If you are already queasy, do not add anymore food in your stomach. The queasy feeling might be caused by too much food and indigestion so refrain from eating. Or if in case you badly need to it, eat comfort foods such as plain crackers or oatmeal.

Sip a hot cup of tea

Sometimes, the heat can help in easing that queasiness that you may be feeling. Simply boil some natural tea leaves and sip it while it’s hot. Tea is good because it is rich in anti-oxidants that can help you in getting rid of that queasy stomach.

Broth and soups

Aside from tea, you can also gulp down some hot broth or soup. This will help settle your queasy stomach.

Take antacids

To help you cope with a queasy stomach, you can go to the nearest local pharmacy and ask for antacids. Some antacids need medical prescriptions from a doctor, but you can always ask the pharmacists for effective over-the-counter antacids that can alleviate the queasiness that you feel.

Go to a doctor

If the queasiness seems to getting more serious, you must go to a doctor. There are many illnesses associated with queasiness so it is best to seek a professional’s help if your uncomfortable, queasy feeling does not go away.

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