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How To Get Rid Of Queen Bee

The queen bee is the most important bee in a colony. It is called the queen because it has a special upbringing. The queen bee is actually just the only female reproducer in a hive and her job is only to multiply. So if you want to get rid of bees, you must find their queen bee because the queen bee is the mother of all the bees in a colony.

Getting rid of a queen bee can bring a whole colony into a downfall. However, it is very tricky to remove the queen bee since it is quite hard to distinguish which is the queen from the other worker bees. The queen bee is actually just like other bees. It does not really pose any great significant physical difference, aside from it being a bit larger, for the reason that queen bees are fed special foods since their birth. It also rarely goes out of the hive and just stays to lay eggs in the honeycomb. Simply speaking, you cannot really kill the queen bee without passing through the worker bees. So if you want to get rid of a queen bee, here are some tips for you.

Take away their resources

Although bees have a lot of food reserves inside their hive, taking away their resources will greatly affect them in the long run. If you have a pool, fountain or any water resource in your backyard, drain the water out. Bees need a lot of water as much as they need pollens and nectar. Once you get rid of water resources around your home, they will search for another place where they can easily get all their basic needs.


Bees do not like smoke. During late dawns or early sunsets, you can try to create a fire near the bee hive. Make sure that the smoke will actually rich the hive. When the bees smell the smoke, there is a very big chance that they will leave the hive together with their queen bee.

Lure them away

Bees cannot say no to sweet treats. A classic and harmless way to make the bees leave their hive is to place little cups with carbonated drink or juice. Get plastic cups and cut them in the middle so that the bees will be able to access what is inside more easily. Pour soft drinks or lemon juice on the cups and place them in a line leading away from your house. The bees will follow this trail and once they realize that they are actually already far from their hive, they might just continue going away and to find a new home.


The use of pesticides in removing bees is greatly discouraged because it is not environmentally friendly. Bees are becoming rarer by the minute and if they continue to die, the environment, food products and many more will be affected. But if you really want to get rid of those bees, especially the queen bee, then you can spray pesticides on their hive. This is best done at night when the bees are less active. Once you spray the pesticide, the bees will be alerted and they will fly out of the hive or if they were unlucky, they will get poisoned and die inside.

Call a beekeeper

Dealing with bees by yourself might not be a good idea especially if you are trying to get rid of African killer bees. In order to get away from possible harm, just call a beekeeper and ask him to get rid of the bees.

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