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How To Get Rid Of Rabbit Fleas

When your pet rabbit gets fleas, the poor little thing will experience pain and irritation. Fleas are pests and they will bring harm to your pet. Once your rabbit has been infested with rabbit fleas, your pet will become gloomy and uneasy. You will also see him often scratching his fur with his little feet. Sometimes, you might even see red spots around his skin which is caused by rabbit fleas.

It is really hard to see your pet suffering. So if you want to bring back your pet’s lively character, you need to remove the rabbit fleas that has stuck on its fur. Although rabbit fleas are very bothersome, they are actually pretty easy to get rid of. So if you want to know you can get rid of rabbit fleas to make your pet happy again, here are some helpful tips that you can do.

Isolate the infested rabbit

If you have two or more rabbits, you need to check if all of them have already been infested by rabbit fleas. Rabbit fleas multiply and get transferred easily so it is best to run your fingers on your rabbits’ fur and see which of them has rabbit fleas and which do not. When you have found out which rabbits have fleas, isolate them from the other rabbits.

Get a flea shampoo

There are shampoos and other products specially made for removing fleas and other pests. You can get this in the local pet shop. Just simply ask for a flea shampoo that is safe to use with rabbits.

Bathe your rabbit

Rabbits do not like taking baths but it is necessary to get rid of its rabbit fleas. Simply take your rabbit for bath and use your special rabbit flea shampoo. Just read the label and follow the directions on how to use the product. Usually, you will just need to lather the rabbit flea shampoo, leave it for a few minutes to work then rinse.

Use a narrow-tooth comb

After your rabbit has bathed, it might be a great idea to run the narrow tooth comb on the rabbit’s fur. This is to get all the remaining fleas on your rabbit. In order to fully eliminate the rabbit fleas on your pet, you might need to continuously wash your rabbit several times a week, until you cannot see any rabbit flea anymore.

Wash the cage

If your rabbit has fleas, then there might be some rabbit fleas lingering on your pet’s cage. The best thing to do is to wash the cage with soapy water and disinfect your rabbit’s furnishings. Rabbit fleas easily multiply so if you overlooked one flea, you can still face another round of rabbit flea removal.

Keep your house clean

The fleas might have gotten into your rabbit’s fur because of the poor hygiene and environment around your home. Make it a habit to always clean your house and yard in order to shoo away fleas and other germs. Always wipe surfaces to remove dust. Sweep, vacuum and polish the floor.  If your home environment is clean, those fleas and other insects will not visit your house.

Take your pet to the vet

Rabbit fleas are quite common. However, there are times that it can be a sign or symptom of worse illnesses. To have your rabbit properly diagnosed, take it to the veterinarian.

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