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How To Get Rid Of Radio Static

No one wants to have an unclear sound coming from the radio when they are listening to their favorite radio station. That is why reception problems can be a very annoying as they create unwanted radio static. There are many reasons behind radio static but there are also many things that you can do to decrease this irritating noise coming from your radio.

If you have an old radio, it is not really unusual for it to create unwanted noise, but, old, phased out radios aren’t the only ones that can give off radio static. Even the latest, high-technology, surround-sound radio can also have static problems. So if you are tired of the unwanted noise coming from your precious radio, here are some things you can do to get rid of radio static.

Place the radio in an open space

Tall, concrete walls play a major role in your radio signal reception. If the radio is placed in a closed-room, radio signal may be obstructed causing your radio to produce static noises. So before you proceed to altering your radio components, you can just simply move it around your house and place it in an area with open space that gives way for the best signal reception.

Get an antenna

To strengthen the signal that your radio receives, you might need to get antenna for FM or AM radios. These radio antennas are quite cheap and you can get them for only a couple of bucks. If you have a lot of cash with you, then you can buy the higher-quality antenna in the market. Antennas can be easily installed on your radio and you just have to find the best position for the antenna to work at its best. Radio antennas come in dipole or rabbit ear types and you can position them horizontally or vertically. Avoid extending the antenna vertically because this may not give you the best radio signal reception.

Turn off other gadgets when the radio is on

Mobile phones, television, computers and even lamp lights can interfere with the function of your radio. When the radio and other gadgets near it are turned on at the same time, you can expect loud, unwanted static noises coming out from the radio.  So be sure to turn off the television and keep your mobile phone away from the radio before you start listening to your favorite AM/FM radio program.

Switch modes

Most radios nowadays have the Stereo FM and Mono FM features. If the Stereo FM is on and the radio sound is not clear, then you can switch the mode to Mono FM. This is an easy fix that you should remember whenever you deal with radio static problems. Different radio modes can give off different quality of radio sounds.

Take your radio to the technician

Radio static problems may be caused by damaged internal hardware of your radio. If you do not know much about fixing gadgets and appliances, you should just take your radio to the technician and have him check and fix your radio problem. You might need to pay him a few bucks for the services though. But at least, when the radio gets fixed, you can start listening again to your radio with high-quality sounds.

Go for online radio

The use of radio today is not really that widespread anymore. With the advent of super gadgets such as computer and laptops, most people now opt to watch and listen to television and radio shows online. If you want a static-free radio listening, switch to online radio streaming instead.

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