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How To Get Rid Of Ragweed

Ragweed, also known as Ambrosia, is a common type plant that usually becomes a major problem for gardeners and homeowners. Ragweed is one of those invasive weeds that can easily make your head ache. Ragweed is given the name “Ambrosia” which is derived from the word “ambrotos” that means immortal, because of its tenacity and strong root foundation. For this reason, people can have a hard time removing this plant once it becomes persistent. Moreover, ragweed is also known for its capability to produce pollen that can cause allergies, particularly during the hay fever months.

If you discover ragweeds growing on your lot, you must try to remove them right away before the condition can get any worse. Ragweeds have fern-looking green leaves that grow upright. Their stems also appear hairy. So if you see this kind of plant on your yard, then you must be dealing with ragweed invasion. In order to help you cope with removal and controlling of this plant, here are some tips on how to get rid of ragweed.

Cut them off

Before the ragweeds can even start to seed, you must cut them off already. Before you go and head out to your garden, wear protective clothing first to avoid getting injuries. Then, get a gardening scissor or machete and cut those ragweed clumps, leaving only a small portion of the plant stem. You have to leave at least four inches of the stem because you will need to manually pull the remains of the weeds. Put the cut parts of the ragweed in a garbage bag. Make sure that you do not shake the plant too much while cutting them to avoid sending pollens in the air that can cause allergic reaction.

Pull the root system

After you have cut the ragweeds, you can now pull the root system. Simply loosen up the soil around the growing plants. But be careful when digging the soil to avoid hitting and breaking their root system, because even if you left out just a small part of the root, ragweeds will grow again. When the soil is loose enough and you can easily pull the ragweed, just grip the plant tightly and gently shake it until you dislodge its root from the soil. Place the roots inside the garbage bag as well.

Use herbicides or weed killers

If your area is easily infested by ragweeds, then you should regularly treat your lawn with herbicides or weed killers. There are those herbicides which you can use to spray on ragweeds that have already grown. There are also those herbicides that you can use in treating your lawn in order to protect it from future weed invasion. You can just go to your local gardening shop and browse their herbicide and weed killer products.

Make your lawn healthy

Ragweeds thrive in unhealthy, empty lawns. So, in order to prevent ragweeds from revisiting your lot, you should make your lawn healthy. Regularly cultivate your soil and mow your lawn. Use natural fertilizers if you can as well. A well-nourished soil is not the very appealing to ragweeds.

Ask for a gardener’s help

If you have lost control of the weed invasion and you cannot do anything to get rid of ragweed, you can ask for a gardener’s help. Simply contact your local gardener and ask him to help you with your ragweed problems.

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