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How To Get Rid Of Rats

Do you constantly hear clattering sounds from the corners of your home? Do you tend to find that your grocery packages have been eaten or gnawed on by some pest? You may be having a wild rat infestation. Wild rat infestation is a common problem that most household owners have to deal with. No matter how beautiful your house is, you are not exempt from having these little beastly pets around your home.

Wild rats are just plain disgusting. Although there are some special rat breeds that can be used as pets, wild rats are not welcomed in any one’s home. They will wreck your things, feed on your groceries and worst, and spread bacteria all over the place. When you have rats lurking around your house, your family is more prone to get sick. So once you have discovered rats running quickly from one side of your house to another, you should try to hunt them down and remove those rats right away. Here are some things you can do to get rid of rats.

How to prevent rats from coming in the house:

Track down those rats

Rats are pretty easy to hunt down. Just be observant for any rustling movements. If you hear these sounds, follow where it is coming from. It will most likely lead you to those rats’ lair. Rats usually hide on dirty, corner places that are not given much attention.

Pick them up

Once you have found where the rats live, you can simply pick them up. It may be hard to actually get those rats because they move quickly but with the right tactics, you can catch them easily. Wear gloves and proper gears when you pick up those rats. They carry diseases with them so be careful.

Clean your house

A clean house is most undesirable place for pests. You should always keep your house clean and safe. Always keep your furniture in check. If you see that dust have formed on your furnishing, you should wipe them clean. Simply sweeping and mopping the floor at least once a day can help shoo away those rats.

Store your foods properly

Improperly stored foods can easily be found by pests like rats. If your foods are not sealed and placed on proper storage boxes or cabinets, rats will be attracted to them.  The tendency is that those rats will feast on your foods. If you want to keep away those rats, never give them the chance to hunt down your food and groceries.

Set up traps

Do you ever watch Tom and Jerry? If you do, then you have an idea how to trap those rats. Unlike Jerry, rats are generally them and easy to lure so you do not really have to create those improvised super traps that Tom makes. You can easily acquire rat traps from home improvement stores. Get some traps and place them around the area, especially on those places where you think the rats frequently visit. It will also be a good addition if you add some bait on your trap. You can choose from a wide variety of rat types like snap traps, catch-release traps, and glue board traps.

Call for pest control

Are those rats too much for you to handle? If you have tried different ways to catch those rats but you remain unsuccessful, then you can call a pest control agency and ask for their help.


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