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How To Get Rid Of Rattlesnakes

Snakes are scary and plain dangerous. While they make an interesting exhibit at zoos, snakes do not look to wonderful when they are out hissing around your home. Unfortunately, these snakes actually visit gardens and houses frequently. If you are living in a grassy plain or wetland, you are very prone to have visits from snakes. One of the most common types of snake that crawl around is rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes are dangerous so when you see one, you need to report it right away.

If you have had that rattlesnake experience, then you would know how frightening a rattlesnake can be. So when you see a rattlesnake crawling and hissing in your house, you must take necessary actions to get rid of it and keep them away from your lot permanently. If you live in an area where rattlesnakes are abundant, here are some helpful tips that will aid you to get rid of rattlesnakes.

Create fencing

Building fence around your lot will give you more privacy and security. They will also keep animals and pests away like those scary rattlesnakes. Although it might cost you some money, do invest in building fence around your lot. You will definitely see the benefits of having a fence over time.

The right material for fencing is any fence with mesh wirings that are not bigger than about 1/4 inch. Fence with big mesh are not advisable because the rattlesnakes can easily insert into this holes. Moreover, using plain, solid fencing is your best choice because rattlesnakes will have a hard time climbing up smooth surfaces.

Remove weeds and clumps of unwanted plants

Thick foliage attracts rattlesnakes. So if your lot is clean and the lawn is mowed neatly, then you will discourage rattlesnakes from visiting your home. If there are any weeds or clumps of unwanted plants on your garden, remove them in order to make your lot cleaner and less attractive to rattlesnakes.

Get rid of the food resources

Rattlesnakes love to hunt down rodents like mice and rats. These pests are one of the tastiest meals for rattlesnakes. If you have a lot of these pests in your house, then do not be shocked if rattlesnakes visit you as well. Rattlesnakes go to places where their food resource is abundant. So if you do not want to see rattlesnakes in your lot, start exterminating those pests.

Clean up your lot

Rattlesnakes love to live with piles of garbage and dirt. To keep those rattlesnakes from entering your lot, you should keep your environment clean and properly sorted out. If you have woods or similar materials gathered in one big pile right outside your house, then you should clean up this pile right away. Keep yourself ready and prepared because, once you have lifted up this pile of materials, it is very possible for you to encounter pests and even rattlesnakes.

Fill house gaps

Rattlesnakes can easily enter into your house through little gaps and holes. If you do not want rattlesnakes housing inside your house, you should fill up house gaps, cracks and crevices. Remember to check every side and corner of your house. Pay more attention to those rooms and areas which are covered and not cleaned very often.

In case you find any gaps or holes in your house, quickly fill them up so that it will become inaccessible to rattlesnakes and other pests.

 Call animal control

Rattlesnakes are actually protected by law. If you spot rattlesnakes in your house, call animal control right away and ask for help.

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