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How To Get Rid Of Ravens

Birds give a relaxing sight when they perform acrobats in the air. Their chirping and singing is so soothing. As a matter of fact, most people enjoy giving bird feeds to attract birds that they can play with. However, aside from those lovely little birds, even dangerous and annoying birds can come down and play with you. The bad thing is that, those disastrous birds like ravens are not really too fun to be with.

Ravens are those large, black birds that have a darker and more complicated lifestyle than those usual birds you see flying in the sky. Because of their characteristics, ravens are usually feared and seen as a bad omen. Moreover, the intelligence of raven birds surpasses other animals of their kind. If you have recently been visited by raven birds, you might one to shoo them away. If you want to get rid of ravens, here are some things you can do.

Limit their food resources

If you have a habit of throwing some bird feeds around your lot to make songbirds come down, then you have to stop doing it for some time. You might have to go on for a few days or weeks without hearing those gentle singing of the songbirds, but that is actually better than having black ravens flying around your lot.

Feed your pets inside the house

Ravens will come down and grab any delicious food that they see. If you take care of pets, such as cats or dogs, you might want to feed them inside your house or in an area away from the prying eyes of those ravens. Every after meal time of your pets, be sure to clean up their food containers and any other spills that may attract ravens.

Secure garbage cans

Ravens are scavenger type of birds. They will hover around and seek for food once they stomach churns. If you do not want ravens flying down to your lot, secure your garbage can and any other container that may be full of foods and leftovers. Place lids on this garbage can so that the ravens will not be able to get inside it and rummage for their food.

Set up bird spikes

To discourage ravens from landing on your lot, you should set up bird spikes around. Bird spikes are effective devices that will keep away those ravens and other birds. Unfortunately, they will also keep away those little birds. Nevertheless, with bird spikes around, you are sure to have less frequent visit from those annoying ravens.

You can get bird spikes in almost any home improvement shop. Just get those large bird spikes designated for ravens and set them up around the perimeter. Be sure to place warning signs so that other people will not be harmed by these bird spikes.

Get bigger pets

Big cats and dogs are powerful enough to drive ravens away. Ravens can get easily scared by animals which are bigger than them. So if you do not have pets yet, just get one from your local shop, or temporarily borrow a pet from a friend until those ravens do not visit you anymore.

If you already have pets, you might want to set up their houses near the landing area of those ravens. Once those birds see other animals guarding your lot, they will not dare come down.

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