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How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps

Do you want to know how to get rid of razor bumps? Are you tired of dealing with irritating, rash-like bumps on your skin after you shave hair on different parts of your body? Razor bumps are red bumps on the skin that look similar to acne and rashes. They happen when the skin gets inflamed because improper shaving. Razor bumps are usually just considered as mild skin irritation but they can become worse if not treated properly.

Razor bumps can be very irritating and painful, not to mention that they make your skin look ugly. When razor bumps start to appear, you should take actions right away to prevent it from getting worse. If you constantly get razor bumps when you shave your hair, here are some things that you can do to get rid of razor bumps.

Proper cleansing

When you shave, you leave your pores open. And when your pores are open, germs and bacteria will easily be able to enter your skin which may cause infection and multiplication of razor bumps. If you keep your shaved skin clean and free from dirt, you will never encounter razor bumps and other skin infections.

Use clean and fresh razors

Using the same razor over and over again will promote bacterial infection on your skin. Razors are designed to be used one to three times only. Every time you shave, bacteria accumulate on the razor so when you keep on using the same razor, your skin will just encounter infection and razor bumps.

Moreover, the more often you use the razor, the duller its blades will become. When the blade is not sharp enough, it will just tug on your hair, causing it to become painful.

Shave in the right direction

Take a look at how your hair is growing.   What you’re going to want to make sure is that you’re shaving along the direction of the hair growth itself.  If you tend to shave against the hair growth, this can cause more of an irritation.

Hot and cold compress

If your razor bumps get inflamed, you can simply use hot or cold compress to lessen the pain that you feel. Simply soak a cloth on hot or cold water, and then apply this on the area where the razor bumps are for about five to ten minutes. Use this treatment every time your razor bumps become painful.

Get hydrocortisone cream

Hydrocortisone cream can help reduce the swelling of your razor bumps. You can get these medical creams over the counter on almost any pharmacy. Simply refer to the instructions on how to apply the hydrocortisone cream and your razor bumps will go away in just a few days.

Witch hazel treatment

Witch hazel has properties that can help treat razor bumps. Just get a cotton ball and dip it in witch hazel. Then, apply this directly on your razor bumps. The healing properties of witch hazel will soothe your razor bumps. SO whenever those razor bumps attack your skin, simply apply witch hazel treatment.

Consider a germicidal soap

Purchase a germicidal soap and use this soap instead of a regular soap.  This soap is designed to lighten and even out the skin.  It will also help delicate skin, as well as razor bumps.  A bar of soap can be purchased for $2 to $3.

Shave properly

Shaving does not mean simply running the razor on your skin to remove the hair. There are specific ways that you should follow so that you will avoid getting skin infection like these razor bumps. When you shave, be sure to spread shaving gel over the area that you will shave. Then, run the razor parallel to the direction that it grows. This will make shaving run more smoothly so that your skin will not get irritated whenever you shave.

Avoid alcohol based lotions

Try to avoid any lotions or creams that contain any type of alcohol.  Refer to the ingredients on the back of the bottle to see what it contains.  If it does contain alcohol, it’s going to burn the area, just causing it to become more irritated.  Instead, consider a cream or lotion that contains ingredients such as, “Glycolic Acid” or lotions designed for after shaving burns.

Consult a specialist

Razor bumps are not really too serious, but, when you notice that your razor bumps are getting worse by the minute, it will be better to just consult a specialist.

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