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How To Get Rid Of Red Ants

It’s summertime again and walking outside sounds just about right. It is the season for a number of activities like picnics or camping. For the causal people who want to stay within proximity of their homes, they could play sports or have a barbecue at home. But for those who can spend a little money why not go swimming? These and a lot more activities are available to you only in the summer. They are all fun and worth a try for those who stay indoors. But what about the people who doesn’t want to get out and have fun? Surely they have their reasons. There could be something that frightens them and that’s the reason why they prefer indoors in all seasons. What could be frightening in broad daylight: pests and insects such as red ants?

Fire red ants are often feared by many people. Even if they are just small, they bring lots of damages. SO they must be gotten rid off immediately. Of course, getting rid of these pests is the key to a joyful and fun summer. Not to mention picnics with no worries of unwanted visitors. In this article, you will know how to get rid of red ants, which are a threat to both fun, and other outside activities. Never again will you eat in picnic with fear, or play tag with worries of being bitten by these tiny red insects that cause itching red bumps in your skin. Not only is it a pain to be bitten, but when in large numbers, these ants could be trouble, and as insects, they also pose a threat to your garden.

Eliminate food resource

Ants like food. They will go once they spot them as it is necessary for them to survive. If they enter your property due to food or water, it’s time to eliminate them to prevent the ants from lingering. Do this by making it a habit to clean after each and every meal.

Ants get thirsty too. By this logic, all stagnant and standing water should be disposed of immediately. They attract ants like flies to manure so it is wise to get rid of them as soon as possible. Also, kill all entrances to your house that ants could use without you noticing. This includes cracks.

Clean up trash

Ants use your trash as their place to crash. As much as ants love food and supplies, your trash can is probably the number one reason why they are invading your home. To prevent this, place you trash as far away from your house as possible. For that perishable food like fruits and vegetables, refrigerate them and never leave them outside for too long.

Fight fire with fire

Being spicy as they are, ants, ironically hates spices. This includes powdered chili pepper, paprika, peppermints (dried), or borax. By this logic, you should administer this stuff on ant trails as well as on cracks. They will keep the ants away before too long.

Fortify your stronghold

This includes your plants and trees. Before waving goodbye to those ants after they leave your home, do not stop there. It’s now time to use sticky barriers on your plants and trees to further drive them off your property. These can be acquired via tangle foot products. Ants love climbing on trunks. This will prevent them from doing so.

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