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How To Get Rid of Red Cheeks

Most women apply blush-on to their faces to give their skin more color, while some have the problem of having cheeks that are too red. Indeed, pinkish, glowing skin looks more radiant than just plain pale skin, however, too flushed face are also not too pleasant to look at. Flushed face are most commonly caused by dilated blood vessels, skin problems and even just flushing.

If you are one of those people suffering from flushed face, do not worry just yet because there are things you can do to lessen the redness of your face. Here are some things you can do to get rid of flushed face.

Wash with iced water

If your blood vessels in the face become dilated, you just need to wash your face with iced water in order to bring it back to normal. The wider the blood vessels are, the faster the blood circulation will be and it will be pressing against your skin, hence the flushed face. So to get rid of flushed face, one of the easy fixes you can do is to just put some ice in water and splash it on your face.

Drink cold beverage

Flushed face may occur because of blushing, and one quick way to counter blushing of the face is to drink cold beverage. When you drink cold beverage, the blood vessels in your body will tend to constrict so that the sudden surge of blood that makes the cheeks red will be reduced. So if you suddenly blushed and your skin turned red, just drink some cold water or juice.

Apply moisturizing cream

Moisturizers help hydrate the skin and keep it cool; hence, it can reduce redness of the cheeks. Every day, remember to wash your face in the morning and then apply a hydrating moisturizing cream to your face. At night, remember to wash your face again to remove any dirt and chemicals.

Apply concealer

If you have naturally flushed face and you want to reduce its color, then you can just simply apply concealer to lighten it up. Choose a concealer that is the same as your skin tone. Just apply a small amount of it to your cheeks and use your hands or a brush to blend it. If you do use your hands, be sure that they are clean. Dirty hands may transfer germs to your face that may lead to acne breakout which will make your face even redder. Be sure to remove the concealer at night before you go to sleep.

Limit the hot foods and drinks

Hot foods and drinks may cause hot flushing of the skin. So if you want to reduce the redness of your cheeks, avoid eating hot foods and drinks. Spicy foods and alcohol consumption will also make your skin turn red so if you do not want to risk getting flushed face, then limit your intake of these foods and drinks.

Check your blood pressure

If your blood pressure is high, most definitely, your skin might appear flushed. So if you see that your cheeks are turning red and you feel some headache and other high blood pressure symptoms, then you should have your BP checked out. If it turns out that your blood pressure is indeed high, you should try to rest and drink some medicines to bring it back to normal. Once your blood pressure, decreases, your flushed face might also fade away.

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