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How To Get Rid Of Red Eyes

Today, no one can get anywhere without accomplishing tasks. From hard physical labor to computerized programs, tasks require the full potential of the human body. Nevertheless, problems are sure to develop from tasks. In your daily lives, tasks take about 70% for most middle-aged people. The remaining 30% is dedicated to relaxing and downtime. But still, 70% is a lot, and splitting it and your personal time is rather troublesome, especially in emergencies. The human body can only take so much before showing signs of fatigue, yet people still endure since not finishing your tasks means not getting ahead and the previous works would be for naught. Here’s a particular problem you could encounter, courtesy of overwork and less rest.

Red eyes can be acquired from many things. The number one reason is not getting enough sleep, which results when you have many tasks to finish such as writing articles or have an exam coming up. You may also get red eyes from allergies, colds, and other complications. Cold weathers and severe whether change may also cause red eyes. Red eyes usually mean a serious health problem. But if you obtained it from having too much computer time, all you need to do is rest as it is only strained eyes. Red eyes cause your eyes to feel sore and will make you tired in an instant, so to get rid of red eyes, here are some tips for you.

Use artificial tears on your eyes

These will moisten or “re-hydrate” your mucus membrane. Despite what other eye drops offer, tear drops will yield the best results since they come the closest to your natural tears. Lean your head back and put a few drops in. Allow the solution to saturate before moving. Keep your eyes at rest for the next 2 minutes.

Enhance your environment

It is a good idea to install a humidifier to your home. This will moisten the air, especially at winter. For best results, place it near the heating duct and anywhere you are likely to be for most of the time. Also, since computer time seems to get you red eyes, it is a good idea to limit it. Sitting closer, having terminal breaks, and screen filters will greatly reduce chances of getting red eyes.

Avoid smoking and smoke

Smoke is known to be harmful to the environment. Well, smoke is also potentially harmful to your eyes and may cause them to go red if exposed too long. If you are exposed to smoke for a long duration, use Epsom salt to cleanse out the impurities caused by the smoke.

Be aware of your environment

Things like bad air from clubs and pool water contribute into getting a red eye. Stay safe and keep precautions when entering swimming pools and clubs. For example, wear goggles when swimming and get a lot of fresh air now and then when in a club.

Vegetables can help

Though in a way you may not think, a frozen pack of vegetables can help rid of red eyes. Simply lie back, close your eyes, and place them over. Keep at it for about 15 minutes. While this may temporarily rid you of your red eyes, what you should really do is get at least 8 hours of sleep day, and around 8-10 glasses of water(40 ounces) each day.

What worked for you?

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