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How To Get Rid Of Resin Smell

Are you having a problem with removing resin smell? Does your nose always crinkle when you encounter items that have this unwanted odor? Resin smell may be caused by several factors. It may be due to the resin itself, resin stains and even other products that are not resin-related, but have similar scent like it. Resin is a secretion made by plants and trees. It has many properties, particularly hydrocarbon elements, which many people use to produce adhesive and varnish products. Sometimes, it is also used for making incense, candles and perfume. So when you recently use one of these products, then you might encounter resin smell.

Resin smell is not really too pleasant. It is quite strong and hard on the nose. If your sense of smell is quite sensitive, this resin smell might even make you feel nauseous. Removing resin smell might be a bit tricky, but it is definitely not impossible to completely eradicate it. If you want to take of that unwanted resin smell, here are some useful tips for you.

Wash with vinegar

To take off resin smell on your skin, you can wash away the smell by simply using vinegar. Just mix some water and vinegar together. Then, use this to wash your hands or other part of your body that has been affected by the smell. Let the vinegar work for a few minutes. Afterwards, follow up by washing with mild soap and clean water. Do not use the solution on sensitive parts of your body because the high acidity of vinegar may irritate your skin.

When dealing with furniture, simply dip a clean cloth to the vinegar solution and use this to wipe the furniture with the resin smell.

You can also use vinegar when trying to remove resin smell inside a room. Simply fill a bucket with equal parts of vinegar and water. Place the bucket in the center of the room and wait for a couple of hours for the vinegar to absorb the resin smell.

Use activated carbon

Activated carbon can help in absorbing smells and even some dirt. If the resin smell is floating around a certain room, then you can get packets of activated carbon and place it all around the area. If you cannot find activated carbon, you can just get a bucket and fill it with some chunks of charcoal. Add a wet rag inside the bucket and place it in the room. Leave it there for one whole night and check if the smell has been removed the next morning.

Open the window and improve ventilation

If you are using products with resin, such as varnish or strong adhesives, then you should work in a room with good ventilation. This is to ensure that the air is circulating freely so the resin smell will not linger on the area for long. To improve the ventilation, open the windows and run some electric fan towards the exit spots of the room. You can also keep a bucket of water beside you because this helps lessen the resin smell.

Wear gloves

The next time that you are working with products that have resin and have strong smell like resin, you should wear gloves. This will prevent the odor from sticking to your skin so you will not have to deal with resin smell anymore.

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