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How To Get Rid Of Rhubarb

Rhubarb plants have the tendency to sprout from almost anywhere and everywhere. While some might gain benefit from these plants, most do not like them when become invasive. Once rhubarbs grow on your lot, they will most likely spread and take over your lawn if you do not pay attention to it. So if you want these plants gone, you should get rid of them while they are still small in number.

Removing rhubarbs is not really too difficult. It all depends on the severity of the rhubarb invasion. If the plants are just starting to grow, then you can do simple and manual home remedies. But if there are already lots of them growing, you can do some treatment using weed killers. Here are some things that you can do in order to get rid of rhubarbs from your lawn.

Dig up the plant

The best thing that you can do to get rid of rhubarbs is to dig them up from the ground. Although it might be a bit tiring, you can be sure that the rhubarbs are really removed from the ground. Simply use a gardening spade and use it to loosen up the soil around the rhubarb growth. Then, using your hands pull the rhubarb from the ground and places it on a sack or a clean garbage bag. Be sure to wear gloves to avoid getting scratches or wounds.

Market the rhubarb

Rhubarbs can be sold in the market. If you have lots of them, you can dig them up from the soil and sell them in the market. You can even post ads on the Internet or place a sign board on your home indicating that you have free rhubarbs. If someone is interested, just ask them to get the rhubarbs from your yard.

Pour vinegar

Before you resort to using chemicals, you can try killing those rhubarbs using non-harmful products. Some people have tried using vinegar in killing the rhubarbs. You can just cut off the rhubarbs then create a hole on the remaining stump. Then, pour vinegar directly on the rhubarbs. When they have absorbed the vinegar, they will most likely die.

Use salt water

Aside from vinegar, you can also use salt water solution to kill rhubarbs. Just follow the direction above, but instead of using vinegar, apply a mixture of salt and some water.

Apply weed killer

If the rhubarb invasion has become severe, then you can use weed killer. Weed killer have strong chemicals so in order to be sure that only the rhubarbs are affected by the weed killer, you can manually apply it using a paintbrush. But if you are not taking care of any other plant, then spraying the weed killer can be done. Note that using weed killers might not show effects right away. You might have to reapply it a few days later. Then, after a week, if the weed killer worked, you may notice the rhubarbs turning into color yellow. This is the indication that they are dying. After they have already died, remove the residue from the ground and throw them away properly.

Ask help from the local gardener

If the rhubarb growth on your lot is just too much and you cannot handle it anymore, then you can ask help from the local gardener. You might need to pay him some cash for his services, but it will make your work less challenging.

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