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How To Get Rid Of Rice Bugs

Rice is one of the most common foods around the world. It is the basic resource of carbohydrates for those people living in third-world countries. Rice grain takes time for it to be fully processed and available to be cooked. That is why; most people stock rice so that they will not ran out of this product. While it is good to be prepared, sometimes, overstocking of products like rice may do more harm than good. Rice has high carbohydrates and starchy sugar content, and because of this, it is an attractive food for pests like rice bugs.

Rice bugs are those tiny, brownish insects that you will usually find in your rice storage. Although these insects do not directly harm humans, they can cause a great deal of trouble. Once you see rice bugs feasting on your rice products, there is no choice but to throw away the infested rice, which means that your money will just go to waste as well. Removing rice bugs is a must if you do not want to experience eating pests. When you see that these rice bugs have entered your rice storage, you should take steps to remove them. Here are some things you can do to get rid of rice bugs.

Dispose the infested products

One of the biggest disadvantages of having rice bugs is that you really need to dispose the infested products. If you have one full sack of rice and it has been affected by rice bugs, then you might need to get rid of them all, unless, only a portion of it has been affected. In this case, you can just throw away the portion of the products where the rice bugs can be found.

Aside from rice, rice bugs also attacks other starchy foods so check your pasta, flour, cereals and similar grocery products as well.

Transfer products to clean, sealed storage

If the rice bugs gained access to your storage, then there is something wrong with it. That is why you must transfer your grocery products, especially rice, to a clean and sealed storage. Rice dispensers are specifically designed for rice storage. Just check it frequently for any damage or opening that may welcome rice bugs. You can also use big jars to store rice. Simply pour the rice inside the jar and seal it tightly so the rice bugs will not be able to enter it.

Clean up your cabinet or pantry

Once you have transferred the remaining rice products to a safe container, you must now clean up the cabinet or pantry where you store your rice. This is to ensure that no remaining rice bug is in the area.

Use soapy water

Soapy water is enough to remove dirt and other remnants of rice bugs. Simply just mix some tablespoons of liquid detergent to a bucket of clean water. Use a sponge or cloth to scrub the cabinet or pantry with this mixture. After that, rinse the area with clean water. Let the cabinet or pantry dry overnight.

Place basil leaves around

Basil is known as a great safe bug repellant. Before storing back your rice and other food products in the cabinet or pantry, you can hang and place around some basil leaves. This will help shoo away rice bugs that are trying to access your food products again.

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