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How To Get Rid Of Rice Weevils

Are there rice weevils lurking around your kitchen cabinets? Can’t you store food for one whole month without meeting these bugs that bring you headache? Rice weevils are one of the most common bugs that attack food groceries, particularly rice products. Once they make their way to your grocery, they will just multiply and worsen the infestation, unless you do something about it. For this reason, you should watch out for rice weevils and remove them as soon as you see these bugs in your kitchen cabinet.

Removing rice weevils is actually a bit easy. It mostly involves cleaning your food container and kitchen cabinets or storage. If you want to get rid of rice weevils, here are some instructions that you can follow in order to get away from these unwanted bugs.

Check the infested products

Unfortunately, those products that have been infested by rice weevils should go to the garbage bag already. It is extra difficult to remove rice weevils on rice. The least you can do is to just pour the portion of the rice where the rice weevils are feasting at. If grain and starch products other than rice are affected, then you can just check these items one by one. Assess the damage that has been brought about by the rice weevils to these products. If there are not much of the bugs, you can just place these products in your freezer and let it freeze there for about 48 hours. This will kill the weevils and even the eggs.

Remove remaining rice weevils

After you have transferred the products, you should now pay attention to remaining the rice weevils in your kitchen cabinet. If there are still many rice weevils crawling around, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to remove these bugs. Simply use the device to suck up the remaining rice weevils. Then you can release the weevils you got in soapy water in order for these bugs to die.

You can also just use a broom if there are not much rice weevils around. Just sweep the cabinet and place the rice weevils in a garbage bag and dispose properly.

Use insecticide

If you do not want to use the vacuum or broom, you can instantly kill these rice weevils with insecticide. Simply spray it inside the kitchen cabinet. Close the cabinet doors to ensure that the rice weevils will suffocate to death. After a couple of hours, open up the cabinet and remove the dead rice weevils.

Disinfect the kitchen cabinet

To be sure that there will be no reinfestation, you should disinfect the kitchen cabinet. Vinegar and water solution is known to be effective. Simply pour equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray this all over the kitchen cabinet. Let it sit overnight.

You can also use some home products to repel those rice weevils. Peppermint and basil leaves are effective in keeping away those bugs. Just place them around the kitchen cabinet for protection.

Check the cabinet for any holes or cracks

Before replacing your food products back in the kitchen cabinet, you should first check it for any holes or cracks. This is to ensure that the rice weevils will have no entrance spot. When everything is okay, you can now replace the food products back to the kitchen cabinet.

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