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How to Get Rid of Robins

Birds are often the least of issues people have since they are generally harmless. However, come nesting season, there are birds that can become aggressive and territorial. Which is pretty normal since it is natural instinct that they take care of their younglings. Robins, for example, can get hostile to anything that it perceives dangerous. The bad part is, they sometimes make their nest at a residential area.

Wild animals and humans do not go well, robins may not present potential harm to humans but they can become a nuisance. When birds decide to live on your porch, they can create a mess due to their leavings or the food that they scatter. They can produce a small amount of noise as well. They are also believed to carry different forms of diseases so it’s best to get rid of them.

Now getting rid of robins does not require you to hire the Joker. All it needs is a little ingenuity and patience. There are states that do not permit for the killing of these birds since they are generally harmless. More humane ways of getting rid of robins can be done and the list below can help you prevent bloodshed when dealing with them:

The sound of music

Birds are very alert creatures and will flee at the slightest sound or sound. The sole reason for this is they are afraid of predators that hunt them. If you are thinking of bringing in a natural predator of robins in your garden, you are just making matters worse. Instead, you can purchase sound emitting devices that is activated by motion to scare birds off of your property. If the device detects the presence of an animal, it would make sounds similar to that of a bigger animal. This is triggered automatically and it can be configured to different settings.

Shiny materials scare

As discussed in the previous step, birds fly away at the slightest hint of sound or movement. Reflection of light qualifies as sudden movement and this can scare off birds too. What you can do is hang pieces of shiny materials as aluminum foils on the branches of a tree. What this does is it will reflect light that hits it and the robins would mistake it for a bigger animal that would make breakfast out of them. The materials would constantly swirl around as long as the wind would hit it.

Remove nest building materials

Robins can scavenge for materials that they can use as nest. During nesting season, they will stop at nothing just to provide the appropriate living quarters for their eggs. Because of this, you will have tons of cleaning to do. First, make sure that you pick up small pieces of branches or twigs that robins can pick with their beaks. Dispose of the items that you have picked up in a tightly sealed bag.

Get rid of any source of food

Robins will be discouraged to live on your property if they don’t have anything to live by. Much like a person that would not live somewhere he cannot find a job to feed himself, robins and other animals act the same. You should get rid of food sources that may open lying on the ground. Insects and other bugs that live off of your plants should be taken care of as well since robins can eat them as well.

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