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How to Get Rid of Roof Rats

Here’s hoping that no rat is going through the article when this is said: rats are one of the most disgusting creatures there is. Don’t mind the long worm like tail, the hairy body filled with black fur or those deep, black eyes the can scare a cat off. What you need to worry about is the disease that they can bring about. They were responsible for the bubonic plague after all.

Rats are dirty creatures that feed on almost anything; they are fast and cunning as well. Roof rats are the type of rats that would dwell where humans are. They are called as such because of their ability to crawl anywhere they could cling on. They usually live in damp and dark areas of the house. The attic is a perfect breeding ground for these creatures and they can make holes to allow them to go around the house through the space between walls.

Roof rats can cause fire, you may wonder how can they cause fire and the simple answer is that they chew on electrical wiring hidden in your wall. There are a lot other things rats can do to your property and to your health. This is the reason why getting rid of them should be on any homeowner’s utmost priority:

Clean your house

The simplest and most effective way to discourage roof rats from invading your house is by cleaning it up. Cleaning it doesn’t just involve sweeping and a little wipe, the whole house should be thoroughly cleaned. Throw anything that you don’t use; include boxes which attracts roof rats most of the time. If you have an attic or a basement, make sure that you check on it and throw any items that would form a clutter.

Rats like to hide in corners and dark places, so if you have boxes that you don’t use, throw them away. Closing them alone will not prevent rats from getting in since they can gnaw their way inside it. Also your surrounding should be maintained clean as well since rats can become attracted to your house if they see that the surrounding area is a mess.

Seal off entrances

Rats find the cleverest ways to get inside the house. They can sneak in a very tiny hole and allow themselves inside. If your water pipe is broken, they can crawl through it and reach your sink. There are a variety of ways rats find just to get inside your property. Roof rats usually leave off droppings anywhere they like and if you any traces of this inside the house, you should start checking for holes or cracks in the house and seal them off.

Get rid of food sources

Rats can survive on almost anything; they do not need to be fed with Swiss cheese to survive. They will bite and gnaw on anything their teeth can dive into. Leftover food should be stored or disposed of properly. Rats can also feed on smaller animals and insects so their presence should be removed as well.

Install traps

There are a variety of mouse traps available today. Some can be deadly while there are some that can catch them alive. Catching one alive is better since it prevents the lingering smell of a dead mouse in your house. Traps are also better compared to pellets that kill rats when eaten since it leaves the roof rat exposed from other animals and the possibility of them decaying is another nightmare.

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