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How to Get Rid of Rope Burn

Rope can be a pretty harmless, normal item around the house. Kids even play with them using it as the main item for jump rope. There are times however that even the simplest of objects can cause injury especially to those who use these extensively. An innocent an items such as rope is, it can cause rope burns.

Rope burn is caused by the friction made between your skin and the rope. When the rope runs across your skin quickly, redness and burning sensation on the skin follows. You can get rope burns by performing several activities that involve this object. Just ask rock climbers or people who are boating for the effects of running rope across the skin.

Rope burn can cause a person to lose several layers of their skin depending on the severity of the burn. It should be treated with care, much like when you get normal burns. As simple as this condition may sound, you can still get infected if the wound is left open. What you want to do is to make sure that you treat the wound properly to avoid complications:

Wear gloves

Prevention is better than the cure, this phrase is such a cliché but it is 100% true. Wearing protective gear for the hands such as gloves should prevent you from incurring any injuries from using ropes. You should consider this greatly especially if you are dealing with ropes day in and day out. Gloves prevent direct contact of the skin to the rope without limiting your grasp on the rope, thus improving it since most gloves offer tight grips compared to holding the rope by your bare hands.

Apply gauze

A minor cut or burn can turn into something uglier if proper attention is not given to it. This is why at the very sight of rope burn; apply a compress of gauze to the open wound. This will stop the bleeding of the burn and would also protect the wound from bacteria that would make it infected.

By applying pressure on the wound, the gauze can also help stop minor bleeding. The experience can be painful although it is necessary to apply this procedure to make sure that the cleaning process goes well.

Clean and apply anti-bacterial cream

If you get rope burns, do not apply ointments or cream on it. Instead, you should clean the wound first. Remove any dirt or particles that may have come from the rope then rub the wound with alcohol allowing it to be disinfected.

After you have cleaned the wound, this is the time to apply anti bacterial cream to it. Open wound is susceptible to different kinds of bacteria and this is the only way to ensure that bacteria do not penetrate on the wound which causes the infection.

Wrap the wound

Once you have cleaned the wound as well as applied the appropriate amount of cream on the burn, you can wrap it up with bandage. Make sure that every once in a while, you check the wound and replace the bandage. Regular cleaning and application of ointments would help the wound to heal faster.

Visit a doctor

If you feel that your burns are far worst that what you initially thought it was, you should visit a doctor and check what the condition of the burn is. Visiting a doctor would guarantee that the burn would be well taken care of.

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