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How to Get Rid of Rosacea

Different skin conditions often shows the same symptoms which can be mistaken into another condition. A classic example is acne on the face as well as rosacea. Rosacea resembles acne in such they produce red, pus filled pustules which causes extreme redness on the face. The face is covered by acne like bumps and the wrong diagnosis can lead to bad treatment.

Rosacea is a type of chronic skin condition, and as mentioned earlier, they are characterized by tiny, red, pus filled bumps that resembles acne. Now, the resemblance to acne is greatly emphasized since it can be mistaken as such and the treatment that will be applied could lead to the condition to worsen. There are several reasons why people get rosacea, these includes excessive exposure to sunlight, drinking alcoholic beverages or applying alcohol based products among others.

Rosacea currently doesn’t have any cure but this shouldn’t cause any worry since there are different types of treatment that you can get to reduce the symptoms of rosacea. If rosacea is left untreated, it is guaranteed that the condition will worsen. Here are some of the treatments that you can perform to lessen the symptoms of rosacea:

Increase antioxidant intake

There are several studies made that proves that increasing the intake of food rich in antioxidants can greatly decrease the symptoms of rosacea. You may want to increase your intake of food rich in antioxidants. Oranges, pineapples and berries that have deep color are good sources of antioxidants. Aside from fruits, there are supplements that can supply your daily Vitamin C needs.

Another drink that is rich in antioxidants is tea and coffee. You can drink it every once in a while to supply your body with the necessary amount of antioxidants.

Choose cosmetic products wisely

A lot of skin products available in the market contain strong chemicals that can irritate the skin. The face is covered by sensitive skin and when you apply soap or facial cosmetics that contain strong ingredients, it can immediately irritate the skin.

By closely following this regimen, you rosacea will improve its condition exponentially. Do not use hot water when washing your face, instead, use warm water. Also, apply hypo allergenic moisturizers after you have performed exfoliation to lessen the effects of inflammation.

Use mineral makeup

A lot of women have included applying makeup as a part of their daily regimen. It is as normal for them as wearing clothes or carrying the right bag. Makeup however often has strong ingredients that can irritate the skin much like what facial cleansers with strong properties do. Mineral makeup is the answer to this problem since it is free from oil and other substances that can clog up the pores which can result to either acne or rosacea. Also, you can also use makeup to your advantage by applying the right shade of make up to cover the redness of the face. Do not forget to wash off the makeup before going to bed.

Visit a dermatologist

Visiting a dermatologist is the safest way to treat rosacea. It has been said that this condition does not have a cure and regular treatment is necessary to make sure that the condition doesn’t worsen. Dermatologists would be able to prescribe the right type of medicines as they will perform the necessary test to check the type of skin the person has. They will then make their diagnosis and provide prescription based on this.

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